Hyunbin / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Hyunbin has denied rumors that he is planning to walk down the aisle soon with fellow actor and girlfriend Son Ye Jin. Rumors started to swirl after Hyunbin was reported to have purchased a unit in a newly constructed villa. 


A newspaper reported on the 30th that Hyunbin had recently purchased and moved into a luxurious villa priced at 4.8 billion won located in Guri-si, Gyeonggi-do. They also reported that “the purchase could have been made with a future wedding with Son Ye Jin in mind.” 


According to the article, the residence is a penthouse and was designed to be used as a single dwelling unit. The neighborhood where the villa is located is close to both Seoul and nature, making it popular with celebrities and artists. It also happens to be the same neighborhood that was shown on TV once when J. Y. Park introduced his home on a show.

Hyunbin and Son Ye Jin / Photo: Ten Asia DB

Actress Oh Yeon Seo also moved into a new villa last November, which is reportedly on the floor directly below Hyunbin’s penthouse. Although Hyunbin finalized his purchase in early January, he had already moved into the unit in December of last year. 


It has been reported that the other residents in the area are under the assumption that Hyunbin’s current residence will become his shared home with Son Ye Jin. A representative for Hyunbin denied the rumors and also added that “as it is a private residence, additional information cannot be confirmed.”


Hyunbin and Son Ye Jin became the first confirmed celebrity couple of 2021. The two worked together previously in the film The Negotiation and tvN drama Crash Landing on You.