SHINee / Photo: SM Entertainment

K-pop group SHINee has announced that they will finally be making their long-awaited comeback. 


The group’s 7th studio album, Don’t Call Me, is scheduled to drop on the 22nd of this month. 


The album will feature a total of nine tracks and a variety of vibes, which is sure to excite K-pop fans all over the world. 


Don’t Call Me is the first album from SHINee in two and a half years, and is the follow-up to their 6th studio album that came out in September 2018. The news has garnered a great deal of attention, as SHINee is known and loved for releasing standout music and putting on trendy performances with each new album. 


The group appeared in a special livestream titled “The Ringtone: SHINee is Back,” which aired on January 31 at 7 p.m. via YouTube and Naver V Live. The livestream was a massive hit with the group’s fans, and it earned nearly 300 million hearts on V Live. The members raised the level of excitement for the new album by sharing props from their album jacket and music video shoots, spoilers for the upcoming album which included lyrics and choreography for a new song, and the first-ever performance of “Marry You.”


After the livestream ended, a promotional event called “SHINee is Calling” was launched to celebrate the group’s comeback. The event allows fans to call a special SHINee hotline number, where they can hear the members’ voices and also leave voice messages for the group. 


SHINee’s 7th album, Don’t Call Me, will be available for pre-order starting on February 1 through numerous online and offline retailers.