Song Ji Hyo celebrating her 20th debut anniversary / Photo: Instagram

Actress Song Ji Hyo is making her return to the small screen as a witch.


The actress’s management agency, CREATIVE GROUP ing, announced on February 2 that “Song Ji Hyo has been cast for the TVING original series, Come to the Witch Restaurant (working title).” 


Come to the Witch Restaurant is based on a novel of the same title by Gu Sang Hui, who won the grand prize at the 3rd Kyobo Bookstore Story Contest with this particular story. Set in a restaurant that grants wishes, the fantasy drama will also capture the stories of the customers as they come into contact with the witch and the part-timers who work there. 


Ji Hyo will play the role of Cho Hui Ra, the witch and owner of the restaurant which serves magical wish-granting dishes. The mysterious character, of whom not much else is known other than her name, wears a peculiar expression and has an icy and aloof personality that can give you the shivers. The character’s supernatural charm and fierce yet beautiful appearance are expected to captivate viewers. Come to the Witch Restaurant is scheduled to air in 2021 as an eight-episode series. 


Song Ji Hyo, who made her debut in 2001 as a fashion magazine model, will be celebrating her 20th year in the entertainment industry this year. She was introduced to the world of acting through the film Whispering Corridors 3: Wishing Stairs. Following her debut acting role, she went on to star in other movies such as A Frozen Flower, New World, What a Man Wants, Unstoppable, and Intruder, as well as in TV dramas such as Princess Hours, Listen to Love, Lovely Horribly, and Was It Love? 


The multi-talented entertainer has also been a regular cast member of the SBS variety program, Running Man, since the show’s first season. At the end of 2020, Ji Hyo won the Golden Content Award at the SBS Entertainment Awards for her work on Running Man