SHINee / Image: SM Entertainment

SHINee, who is scheduled to make their comeback on the 22nd with the release of their 7th studio album, has unveiled a teaser timetable. 


At midnight on February 6, the group posted a timetable on their various social media accounts that showed the teaser release schedule for their upcoming album titled Don’t Call Me. The mysterious messages that were also included on the schedule immediately grabbed the attention of fans.


Starting on the 9th, SHINee will be releasing a series of teaser images, a mood sampler video, music video teaser, and a variety of other content to raise the excitement for their much-anticipated comeback.


In addition, the “SHINee is Calling” promotional event is still ongoing and bringing out new content every week. Fans who participate in the event can call a hotline number and hear a highlight medley of the idol group’s songs, become privy to previously unknown facts about the members, and take part in other fun activities.


SHINee’s 7th studio album, Don’t Call Me, will be dropping on February 22, and is currently available for pre-order through online and offline retailers.