Images: Konnect Entertainment

Kang Daniel gave his fans a taste of his upcoming comeback, which promises to be mind-boggling.  


On February 10, Daniel’s label, Konnect Entertainment, gave the world a first look at the music video for the idol star’s new single, “PARANOIA.” 


The 13-second clip, which was posted on his record label’s social media account, reveals Daniel’s unconventional vibes that put him in a different class from the rest of the industry. The scenes showing the singer hurriedly walking through a crowd of people as if he’s being chased and looking around nervously while trapped in a small space immediately grab your attention. The teaser unfolds breathlessly in time with the thumping bass in the background and ends with Daniel being pulled underwater. 


The teaser for the cinematically shot music video successfully piques your curiosity for the full version. The music video, which captures Daniel’s internal story that is told in “PARANOIA,” is like a musical film that artistically depicts the various symbols that are connected to the song. 


“You’ll see a style and music video that’s never been seen from Kang Daniel up to this point. The music video will move you more and in a different way than when you just listen to the song,” explained Konnect Entertainment. 


“PARANOIA” is Kang Daniel’s first new single in six months. The song has been garnering attention for reportedly containing lyrics written by the artist himself, which boldly express the actual internal conflicts that Daniel experienced. 


“PARANOIA” is scheduled to drop at 6 p.m. KST on February 16.