Singer and songwriter Sunmi has transformed into Catwoman.


Sunmi revealed the concept photos and teaser video for her new song “TAIL” via social media on the 18th. 


In the photos, the “Gashina” star gives off some serious Catwoman vibes in a bright red dress and long, leather gloves, while showing off her distinctive killer gaze and unrivaled aura. 


In the other pictures, Sunmi perfectly pulls off both a cat mask and lace mask, evoking a secretive and dreamlike atmosphere.


The multi-talented soloist also flaunts a haughty feline charm in black, full-body tights. Sunmi’s cat-like pose and expression draw you in and pique your curiosity about her upcoming single.


In the teaser that was posted, the video starts with Sunmi’s narration that says, “The tail wags,” as images of herself and a black cat play in a montage. To spur interest in the music video for “TAIL,” which is scheduled to drop on the 23rd, the images are followed by a confident and assertive message voiced by Sunmi in which she says, “Do not hide. Express yourself.”


Previously, on the 15th, the tracklist for TAIL was revealed to the public. On the 17th, Sunmi had the Internet buzzing when she released the eye-popping concept photos for one of the songs from her new album, “What the Flower.” 


With her upcoming comeback happening around eight months after the release of “pporappippam” in June 2020, the K-pop world has their eyes on Sunmi and her new album, TAIL, to see what concepts and performances she will be delighting her fans with this time around.