Kwon Jina / Photo: Antenna

Singer and songwriter Kwon Jina is at the top of the music charts this week with her new single, “Good Bye.” 


Jina’s newest EP, The Way For Us, dropped on February 18. The album’s title track, “Good Bye,” made it to the No. 1 spot on Bugs Music’s Real-time chart on the 19th (published at 9 a.m.). 


The talented singer and guitarist also entered the 24Hits chart of the largest music site in Korea, Melon, reached the No. 1 spot on Melon’s new music chart, and the No. 3 spot on Genie Music’s real-time chart. By landing herself in the upper rankings of the country’s main charts, Jina has been showing that her music is a force to be reckoned with.


“Good Bye” is a song from the first-person perspective of a woman whose relationship is headed for a breakup. The lyrics, which plainly depict how she maturely lets go of her significant other when she feels that the end is near, have resonated with listeners. 


Including the title track “Good Bye,” there are a total of six songs on The Way For Us, with titles such as “The Way For Us,” “Flower Heart,” “You Already Have,” “Pretend to Be,” and “The Dreamer.”


The Way For Us has drawn praise for being like a collection of short stories, with each track being a different story in which Kwon Jina is the subject and narrator.