SHINee member Minho / Photo: Screenshot from YouTube channel, odg

Minho from the K-pop group SHINee recently mentioned his late teammate, Jonghyun, in a YouTube video. 


A video showing children reviewing SHINee’s career was uploaded on the 4th via the YouTube channel, odg. In it, the members of SHINee each met a child who was born around the time the group made their debut in 2008. The members and the kids they were paired up with watched old videos of the group performing some of their biggest hits. Most of the children had no idea who SHINee was. 


When one of the kids noticed Jonghyun while watching the old videos and asked who he was, Minho answered, “That’s one of our members. Uncle Jonghyun.”


Later in the video, the same child noticed Jonghyun’s absence in the group’s performance of the song “Good Evening” in 2018, and commented, “One person’s missing though.” Minho gently replied, “Yes, one person’s missing.” She then questioned who it was and why they left. Minho explained that Jonghyun had left because “he wasn’t well.” When the little girl concluded that Jongyun is then “not a bad uncle,” Minho agreed and said, “He’s not a bad uncle. He’s a good uncle.”


“That was the first time we performed on stage with just the four of us,” explained Taemin while watching the video of “Good Evening.” Another child called the performance “very touching.” 


Jonghyun passed away on December 18, 2017, after struggling with depression for years. Every year, on the anniversary of his death, SHINee and the group’s label, SM Entertainment, honor his memory through their official social media accounts.