Image: YG Entertainment

The name of BLACKPINK member Rosé’s title track from her debut single album has been revealed. 


According to an announcement made by YG Entertainment on the 5th, the name of the title track is “On The Ground.” The label also took off another layer of the veil surrounding Rosé’s highly-anticipated single album by posting a teaser poster for the track. 


The poster shows Rosé looking gorgeous and elegant while wearing a light-colored outfit that contrasts with the dark background. The intensity of her gaze, as she stares directly into the camera, and her windblown hair exude an alluring aura. 


As Rosé’s first single album, R, has been garnering a great deal of attention from fans all around the world, its release has been scheduled for 12:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time and 2:00 p.m. Korea Standard Time on March 12. 


The name of the album, “R,” which also happens to be the first letter of Rosé’s name, signifies the first step taken by the BLACKPINK member as a solo artist. All eyes are on the songstress to see what kind of message her new album will convey through cinematic images and music that promises to resonate with listeners. 


Rosé previously received an explosive response from fans when she performed her sub-title track, “GONE,” during BLACKPINK’s livestream concert. 


The teaser video for “GONE” is heading toward the 50 million view mark on YouTube, which is rare for a clip that’s only 33 seconds long. This impressive accomplishment shows just how much Rosé’s fans all over the globe are looking forward to her solo material. 


About two months ago, YG revealed, “The filming of the title track music video for Rosé’s solo album is complete. As it is a very big-budget blockbuster, a great deal of effort is going into the post-production process in order to raise the quality.”