T-ara is on the receiving end of an angry backlash from a TV producer and advertisers for the group’s agency, Core Contents Media, pushing member Hwa-young out of the group.

With the Internet awash with criticism of the “Lovey-Dovey” singers and the agency’s C.E.O Kim Kwang-soo, a TV producer from MBC posted a message on his Twitter account with a slight sense of sarcasm towards the other six T-ara members.

“Hwa-young, I will not cast T-ara from now on,” producer Ryu Chul-min wrote on his Twitter account, expressing his anger about the recent rumors surrounding the idol star and C.E.O Kim’s sudden announcement.

The repercussion even went on to influence companies T-ara is modeling for.

Korean cosmetics brand TONYMOLY began to pull down all posters that show the girls’ faces this afternoon and made an official announcement that it will not renew the contract with T-ara when it ends in late August.

The girl group is currently modeling for at least five brands including TONYMOLY, KDB Daewoo Securities, and Look Optical.

Hwa-young, who joined the group in December last year, did not perform with other members at the last stop of their Japan tour held at the Nippon Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on July 25.

Right after T-ara finished their show, members including Eunjung began to post comments on their Twitter accounts that emphasize “the importance of one’s will.” With Hwa-young also tweeting a message that says “some things are too much to overcome just with one’s will,” rumors began to circulate that T-ara members are bullying Hwa-young.

Just this afternoon, the agency’s C.E.O delivered the company’s stance in a press release saying that he and other 19 staffs in the company have decided to cancel contract with the youngest member in the group, Hwa-young.

However, this has caused further angry reactions of fans and created sour mood among many people over the firm’s pitiless decision on the young 20-year-old singer who just stepped into the society.

T-ara first made their debut as a six member group in 2009. In July 2011, Core Contents Media announced that there will be a refreshment in the lineup and Hwa-young joined in December that year.

Now composed of Jiyeon, Qri, Eunjung, Hyomin, Boram and Soyeon, the group will be revamping the lineup again later this year by adding two more members, Dani and Areum.

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