My name is Dae Ryong. My real name is Jung Dae Ryong.
I was born on February 25, 1988 with my twin brother So Ryong. I was born five minutes earlier than him but I’ve never thought about or expected him to treat me like an older brother.
My parents tell me that me and So Ryong were both very naughty when we were young, even making them wonder what we’ll become later. Breaking windows when playing soccer; my friends’ parents visiting my house after we get in a fight; and paying for all the damages caused by me crashing into a guy holding eggs… We had a lot of incidents like that.
We both once wanted to become soccer players but our coach made us give up on that dream. We were really bad at it! But thinking about it now, I think it was a smart decision and I thank our coach.
Back in our school years, my brother was more popular than me and I’m assuming no more than two girls had a crush on me. Maybe it’s because So Ryong has narrower and smiley face. I used to think that he’s better looking than I am but now I hear people saying that I’m better. (Laugh)
Listening to singer Rain’s music through a CD player in class is what I enjoyed doing. To avoid getting caught by the teacher I used my sleeves to pull hide the earphones but I always got spotted and had to hand in the device. I had to beg my teacher several times to get it back. [So Ryong: I thought, ‘Why does he get his CD player taken away by doing that when he can just listen to it after the class ends?’ (laugh)]
Until when we were about 16, we wore matching clothes. People who pass by used to point their fingers at us and laugh. Looking back, I think people laughed because we are twins and look cute, but back in the days I used to think they were sneering at us. Since then we never wore matching outfits.
So Ryong and I get into small fights over nothing from time to time. I was on a diet before making my debut and one day, So Ryong was boiling eggs and it wasn’t fully cooked. I told him to cook it longer and he said, ‘I was told to boil it for just 12 minutes. You might get fat when you boil it longer.’ I remember fighting a lot with him after that.
We’re shy in front of strangers. We get along pretty well with people who we connect when meeting the first time but not so good with blunt characters. But thanks to all those years we spent as trainees [meeting different people from different backgrounds and learning how to communicate] we sometimes approach to other people first these days.
We barely touch each other’s stuff. Though I don’t borrow So Ryong’s clothes that often, it makes me feel uncomfortable and sometimes angry to wear what’s not mine. If you can’t have it, don’t even stare at it!
The girl of my dreams is someone who’s cute, whether she’s older or younger than I am. In the meantime, So Ryong likes someone mature so we’ve never fought over the same girl. It’s a relief to know that our ideal type is not identical as well.
When I first got this hairstyle, I was worried mostly because it’s mixed with different colors. I was nervous, thinking, ‘what are they trying to do with me?’ But I later thanked the designer for doing an amazing job. I heard that our management firm’s president later called the designer in advance to do a good job with our hairstyle. (laugh)
We don’t receive any skin care in beauty shops. After wiping out make-up, we apply toner and lotion. Doing this before and after sleeping is all we do for our skin. I believe toner and lotion will make our facial skin look better.
I like puppies but don’t like raising them at home. I remember crying my eyes out when my old puppy died. Whether it’s a person or a puppy, once you’re emotionally attached to him/her, it’s really hard to say good-bye.

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