“We just discuss [our acting] with each other rather than relying on other senior actors,” SHINee member Minho said. The press conference of SBS’ “For You in Full Blossoms, “ held in Gyeonggi province, South Korea on Monday, was much like a class meeting in school with the attendance of young actor and actresses from 22-year-old Minho of SHINee and 19-year-old Sulli of f(x).

Whenever her colleagues mention specific drama scenes, Sulli would chime in and brighten up the atmosphere by saying, “It’s really fun!” Minho, meanwhile, explains enthusiastically about his character, adding that the low ratings figure they are facing at the moment will see its incline soon.

Kim Ji-won and Lee Hyun-woo, who assured there are more to see in coming episodes, girded their loins saying that they will show more “innocent and fresh acting skills” to the audience.”

Despite the drama’s low ratings–between four and five percent–and the hustle and bustle on the set, the four main cast members were cheerfully spending their time.

The followings are the excerpts of the four rookie actors’ ‘infinitely positive’ conversation shared at a press conference in Gyeonggi Province on August 27.

Sulli “It’s been a while wearing a school uniform and I felt kind of awkward at first.

A woman disguising herself as a guy:

“In ‘For You in Full Blossoms,’ I play the role of Goo Jae-hee. I have been carefully observing guys’ attitude and behaviors because this is my first time to play a woman disguising herself as a guy. So I’ve watched how guys sit and act, and tried to make my voice sound low and strong. At first, it was really weird but now, I think I’m behaving even more manly than other male actors. When I was working on the fourth episode, I wore a wig and a girl’s school uniform, but it really made me feel awkward. The drama crews were asking me who I am and where Jae-hee has gone.

Romance with Tae-joon [played by Minho]:

“Shooting romantic scenes with Minho was a lot easier than I expected. He did a great job taking the lead, especially in scenes like Minho getting completely drenched for me, and our kiss scene. As the story develops, such scenes appear more frequently and they make my heart beat fast. It’s Gu Jae-hee who has a crush on Kang Tae-joon but he always makes the move first in the drama. So I’m comfortable shooting the scenes with Minho (laugh).

Minho “I even held a dog food in my mouth to shoot a kiss scene with a puppy”

Love triangle of Tae-joon, Jae-hee and Eun-gyul:

“I feel bad that the ratings have not been so good. But I hope the number will rebound soon because it will get more interesting as Tae-joon finds about Jae-hee’s identity as a girl and the love triangle is about to show up in coming episodes. Now Tae-joon has to kick out Jae-hee from the guys’ dorm, but at the same time, he wants to live with her. He treats Jae-hee with cold shoulder to hide his feelings but without realizing it, he starts caring about her at one point. Eun-gyul [Lee Hyun-woo] cares about Jae-hee without knowing that he’s actually a girl and Tae-joon treats her warmly, knowing that Jae-hee is a female. This is what makes the drama interesting.

SHINee’s Jonghyun, big fan of “For You in Full Blossoms”:

“Jonghyun is really a big fan of my drama, so he always asks me where the story is going in the next episode. When he asked me about the ending of the second episode, I answered that I kissed Sulli. Then he posted on his Twitter account right away that I’m a perverted devil. If a funny guy like Jonghyun, plays a friend of my character in the drama, I’m expecting something interesting will come out of it. [Sulli: So…if f(x) member Amber takes on the role of my boyfriend… (laugh)”]

Never-to-be-forgotten kiss scene:

“I took one more kiss scene after the one with Sulli. I was shooting the scene with a puppy named Sangchoo but he kept refusing to do it. So eventually I had to hold a dog food in my mouth… All staffs made fun of me. That episode will be unforgettable.

Kim Ji-won “These days, I keep hitting Eun-gyul whenever we meet in the story.”

Practicing gymnastics:

“Since I took the role of a gymnast named Han-na, I have been exercising gymnastics for about two months. At first it was difficult smoothly stretching my legs because I’m aged (laugh). For difficult moves, my stunt woman usually covers them up for me. But when doing moderate-level movements, I try my best to act out those scenes without her help. Scenes like this are to appear in the show continuously so I’ve been practicing my moves when I don’t have a schedule.

Hitting Eun-gyul:

“The number of scenes in which I hit Eun-gyul is increasing, and it’s been on the screen more frequently than gymnastics scenes. At first I kicked his butt with my leg, but on the third episode, I had to hit his head with a plastic bowl and break the plastic. But no matter how many times I hit him with the bowl, it didn’t break. So Lee Hyun-woo got hit so many times that day. I feel really sorry about it (laugh).”

Lee Hyun-woo “My friends call me a lucky star to appear in such an awesome TV series.”

Eun-gyul’s lines:

Eun-gyul is a guy who takes pictures of himself whenever he’s free, and a guy who throws cheesy lines like ‘What moved from me to you is not just the soccer ball. It’s ‘Friendship’ that moved.’ That line just made me crack out and I really wanted to do well when saying it in front of the camera. But I’m not that kind of a cheesy person. Though my character Eun-gyul is so natural at taking his own pictures and saying lines like that, I use SNS to keep in touch with my friends and fans. I’m not as good as Eun-gyul yet.”

Eun-gyul’s lovers:

I felt shy when shooting the scene where I touch Sulli chest with my hands. I got so many calls and text messages from my friends, telling me that I’m a lucky star to appear in such an awesome drama (laugh). People have been asking me if Hanna and Eun-gyul develops a romantic relationship because of their quarrels. I don’t have the ending or next scripts in my hand, and no one told me about the full story yet. So no one knows yet about how the two characters will develop their relationship.

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