Kim Mi-sook

“You lived in the same neighborhood as me? So was that why you became interested in me? (laugh)” I lived in the same neighborhood as Kim Mi-sook when I was young and thanks to that, my mother would often tell me anecdotes about the ‘high schooler Kim Mi-sook’ when she pops up on TV. From that point on, Kim became my first ‘goddess’ and my heart raced during my interview with her, much faster than it had with any other younger actress I had interviewed. And then there is her elegant voice and calm hand gestures. I knew my parents did not like it but I was right to stay up late nights when I was 10 years old to watch her dramas.

Kim Bum

The Kim Bum I met in “High Kick 1” three years ago was a high school student with a strong spirit. Different from his young looks, he said “I don’t show that I’m sick, even if I am because it makes me feel like I’m losing.” The Kim we met later — who had appeared in TV series “East of Eden”, “Boys Over Flowers” and then achieved his long-lived dream by starring in SBS TV series “Dream” — no longer spoke of winning or losing but it was proof of how much at ease he was at. “It may seem like I make up my mind quickly in choosing which role to play next but I do think and worry about it a lot. It’s very important because my name is on the line. And I’m making a difficult decision since I’m giving up on one role by taking on another so although it doesn’t come easy, I think hard whenever I do rather than lightly over several occasions. That’s why my decisions come quickly. It’s also because I’m greedy about work.” This reminded me of another remark he made. “I really hate losing,” Kim had stated several times during his “High Kick” days. And he was still a brave boy. “Acting isn’t a single-round match so I’m waiting… looking at things in the long run.”


The Sohee of female idol group the Wonder Girls that I met two years ago, was a girl who did not speak much. But the Sohee I met two months ago talked even before I asked a question and expressed how she missed her fans by saying, “I am so thankful to our Korean fans who are still waiting for us.” The girls’ rigorous schedule in the United States if probably the reason Sohee slimmed down but also what brought this change to her personality. This is how these girls are changing and growing.

Shin Ha-gyun

Through research, I was able to predict ahead of my encouterance with Shin Ha-gyun that he would be a difficult actor to interview because he is very quiet. But the actual reason it was difficult to write about my interview with him is because he is the type who makes a journalist feel the limitation in print as a form of media. For example, when talking about bloggers who post up quotes from books they have read, Shin would start saying, “I think many people do that these day. But I…” and leave the sentence unfinished while smiling with his kind eyes. It is more than enough to show how ashamed Shin is of revealing who he is. It was the first time I wanted to lend myself to the power of video.

Choi Gang-hee

Choi Gang-hee used to be identified as being four dimensional. But the Choi I met was not four dimensional but rather just someone who does not give obvious answers. That is why she was an actress who increased the fun and tension in an interview. Choi is an interesting person in that she can make you feel you are in a isolated space, detached from the outer world, when talking to her. But at the same time, she is just another average human being — 33-years-old, single and living with her mom. “I can’t live without my mom. It’s awful when she’s not there for me. I know I seem to be free to do what I want but that’s because I have absolute faith in my mom. The feeling that my mom will always be by my side is where my boldness comes from. The thought that I’ll be okay because my mom is praying for me. But I became really scared while filming ‘Goodbye Mom’ because I was put in a situation where my mom would disappear all of a sudden… It was very scary even just imagining it.”

Senior Reporter : Kang Myoung-Seok
Reporter : Choi Ji-Eun
Reporter : Wee Geun-woo
Photographer : Chae ki-won
Editor : Jessica Kim