Key of Korean boy band SHINee and Girls’ Generation member Yoona have been making news with a photo posted on SHINee’s me2DAY account, a popular Korean micro-blogging website (me2day.net/shineeshinee).

The two young singers were seen making funny poses in a photograph posted on the boys’ me2DAY page on Monday, taken after Girls’ Generation’s Asia tour concert held in Shanghai over the weekend where SHINee performed as special guests.

In the photo titled “Girls’ Generation Asia Tour Concert – After the feature performance in Shanghai,” Key is seen biting his lip and holding out his hands as if to express his disappointment with Yoona looking over at him.

The caption under the picture read, “A: Introduce me to someone nice~ / B: There is no one!!!!!ㅠㅠ”

Fans have written over 200 replies about the photo, commenting that their “facial expressions are right on” and that “they both look so adorable”.

SHINee — composed of members Jonghyun, Taemin, Onew, Minho and Key — debuted in 2008 and gained popularity with K-pop hits such as “Older Girl, You’re So Pretty,” “Juliette,” “Ring Ding Dong” and most recently “JoJo”.

Girls’ Generation is one of the hottest girl bands in the country since making their debut in 2007. The girls recently saw a successful comeback to the music scene with their repackaged second album “Run Devil Run” which conquered various online and offline music charts.

Both groups were discovered and are managed by SM Entertainment, one of the most influential talent agencies in Korea.

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