intervew-modelactor-kim-young-kwangMy name is Kim Young-kwang. I was given the name by my mother.
My English name is Young Kim. I had considered using Victor or Glory in the beginning. But when I first wrote my name at an overseas agency, I just wrote Young. I think Young-kwang would be too difficult and Kwang Kim would sound weird.
My birthday is January 11, 1987. I am 23 years old and look a bit old for my age.
My father and grandfather are both 182,3 cm tall. I look a lot like my grandfather. I have an older sister who looks exactly like my mother.
I think a designer who make good suits are the best. Since I’m still young I don’t usually wear suits other than when I’m on set, but as a man ages it is cool to wear classic suits. Just like Tom Ford.
The very first fashion show that I saw was Lone Costume’s. It was a show where the models wear leather jackets and hold umbrellas and for the first time thought to myself, “So that’s what real models are about.” They were really cool. After that I made my debut in the following season’s show for Lone Costume.
I like to sleep. If I don’t have anything on my schedule, I like to stay home and sleep. (laugh) At nights if I get invited to a party, I would keep asking my manager “When are we leaving?” because I don’t like noisy places that much. Oh, I don’t dream that much either. Once I fall asleep and open my eyes, it’s morning.
I love movies starring Tom Hanks. Ones like “Terminal.” I enjoy watching warm mellow movies; my favorite Korean film is “A Moment To Remember.” Whenever I watch sad movies by myself I cry. I don’t have the slightest clue what kind of actor I want to become but I want to start by appearing in melodramas.
I enjoy learning a little bit of everything. Lately I have been interested in the piano! But I can’t go to where the little children go to get their lessons, so as of right now I’m just thinking about it.
Once, I received a gift certificate for a high-end brand by working. I bought my mom an expensive coat with it but after showing it off for a few days, she hasn’t worn the coat since. The ladies in our neighborhood told my mom that it made her look like an old lady. I think it’s because moms only like colorful and pretty tracksuits.
I recently bought a motorcycle with the money I’ve made. Since there was a lot of traffic today, my manager and I rode our motorcycles here.
I still have a lot of concerns. I worry whether I am someone who can act, whether an actor is the right job for me. I’m in a better situation compared to when I was younger but it feels like the more that I try to attain something, the harder it gets to actually get it. But I end up going back to work after telling myself ‘What good will thinking do.’ When I’m really frustrated, I just go to sleep.
I hate showing my weaknesses in front of others. So I usually don’t say “I’m Sorry” or “Thank you.” I try to stay away from situations where I have to say those phrases. I think it’s because ever since I was young, I’ve told myself that I’d become a self-made man. Of course it’s okay to get help but I think I try to solve my own problems because I’m not in the position to return any favors. In the future I will return their kindness when I become successful. First off, I’ve promised my boss that I’ll buy him a car.

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