Yang Hyun-suk, founder and CEO of YG Entertainment, slammed Sony/ATV Music Publishing on Thursday for accusing the agency of plagiarizing songs released by singers at his agency.

Sony had confirmed earlier this week that it was preparing to take legal action against four songs it claims were plagiarized.

Boy band Big Bang member G-Dragon’s recent hit solo single had been at the center of the dispute with listeners pointing out similarities between “Heartbreaker” and Flo Rida’s “Right Round” since the album’s release in mid-August.

“YG and G-Dragon had kept quiet about the issue till now because we heard the music file was sent to the original composer so we were waiting for a response,” Yang started in a statement written on the agency’s official website.

However, YG said a notification Sony had sent to his agency prohibiting the use of the songs without permission, did not contain any statement from the composer himself.

“What we are worried about is the public’s perception — that it will seem we have been sued by the original composer, as if we face a lawsuit — when the notification actually has no legal force,” explained Yang. “The statement is only a formality which could be sent over 100 times.”

The former singer said YG “will as best as it can, comply to the necessary legal processes if requested to do by the original composers” and that it “feels no fear in doing so.”

Yang also expressed his absolute trust in the songwriting abilities of his producers Teddy and Perry who composed Big Bang’s “With U” and 2NE1’s hit song “I Don’t Care” which have also been accused of plagiarism.

“The first and last request I make to you is to send us the response of the original composer as soon as possible and refrain from making statements to the press until the final result comes out,” Yang said.

According to Sony, music experts had concluded G-Dragon’s “Butterfly” and Oasis “She’s Electric”, Big Bang’s “With U” and Joe’s “Ride Wit U” and 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” and Lionel Richie’s “Just Go”, had large similarities.

All three groups are managed by YG, one of the most successful talent houses in Korea.

Jessica Kim jesskim@asiae.co.kr