Lee Je-hoon’s New Film to Open in March

The “Architecture 101” star Lee Je-hoon, currently serving as a conscripted policeman at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, is to hit the big screen with a new film in March.

The upcoming film “My Paparotti,” which cranked up in November last year, is to open at Korean theaters in March, the pic’s production company KM Culture said on January 31.

Lee will star in the film opposite veteran actor Han Suk-kyu of the 2011 hit TV series “Deep Rooted Tree.” The new drama centers around a gangster with gifted vocal talents Jang-ho [played by Lee] and his cynical music teacher Sang-jin [played by Han].

While director Yoon Jong-chan of award-winning horror “Sorum” is wielding the megaphone, Korean scene stealers Oh Dal-soo, Cho Jin-woong and rookie actress Kang So-ra joins the movie, adding extra spice to the drama.

An upcoming thriller pic “Ethics of Fury” [translated title] is another of Lee’s pre-shot movie before enlisting in the military service and it`s set to meet local moviegoers on February 21.

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