[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 2

My stage name is Minah. My birth name is Bang Min-ah.

I was born on May 13, 1993. I have an older sister, and a dog who is ten. Everyone says my dog looks like a mongrel. Yes, it is true, but I want to deny that fact as my dog is so pretty. It is only a mutt of a Shitzu and a Maltese. While his face has many wrinkles, he really is pretty.

I have often heard that I’m cute, but I can’t agree with that. Even though I appreciate people for saying so, I don’t want to admit it because I have a different future goal. (Yura: Why are you hoping to be someone you`re not?) Why do I always have to be just cute? I think I’m approaching closer to the goal through this album promotion activity.

All of our members like eating. The day before yesterday, we ate grilled chicken feet. As we should watch our figures, our agency officials don’t allow us to eat a lot. To tell the truth, we secretly eat food because they don’t know whether we eat or not. (Hyeri: They do know.) Really? No way, I eat a lot!

Yura expresses her affection in a physical way. Once she was wrestling with me when she crushed and tickled me. It would have been okay if she hadn’t gone too far. But she kept on doing that so I finally cried in pain. When I fooled around with her, I was slammed to the floor, crying a lot. (Yura: I calmed you down, saying “I’ll buy you a fried chicken, though.”)

[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 2

I have cried in a TV show thinking of my fans. Though I always feel thankful to them, Sojin told a story about our fans in the show which made me cry. Her words reminded me of my fans’ faces.

The reason why I dyed my hair black is because my fans wanted it. I changed my hair to black to film some program before, and the fans later said, “I want to see ‘Dark Minah’ again.” That is why I tried black again. I think black also fits this album concept. If my fans want something, I always give it a try.

When 4minute performed “Volume Up,” I really envied their stage costumes. They wore full chiffon dresses and looked so pretty. Wearing such an elegant dress is also one of my goals.

I was scolded by my mom after buying strange clothes. When I was little, I read comic books a lot and like costumes. So I bought a princess-like dress but my mom saw it and tried to tear it. After that, I have a fear of buying such costumes, but now, I live away from my parents and buy what I like!

Recently, I had my cell phone stolen. After eating pasta and walking down a street with my friend, a man suddenly nudged me by accident and said, “Excuse me.” I said, “It’s alright.” But when I got to a café, I realized my phone had gone. I`m not 100% sure but I guess he was the one that stole it. I have a few words for him… I will give you money so please give me back my cell phone. Anyhow, my phone is gone so I made a reservation for iPhone 5. (Yura: It sounds too strangely coincidental. You must have given your phone to a friend so that you could buy a new phone. Something doesn`t smell right here.)

[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 2

My stage name is Hyeri and my birth name is Lee Hye-ri.

I was born on June 9, 1994. I am the youngest in the group but in my family, I’m the oldest child. I have a little sister.

My teammates call me ‘older woman’ or ‘granny.’ (Minah: We always tease her saying “You must have been born in 1976, not 1994.”) So my fans call me ‘uncle’ or ‘aunt.’ But I want to tell you this, Yura`s nickname is ‘elementary student’ and Sojin’s is ‘baby princess.’

I will enter college next year, but I don’t have any specific plans related to that. I just want to go school because I was often absent at my high school due to my busy schedule.

I played a melodramatic heroine in the “Don’t Forget Me” music video. I was told to star in the video a day before filming. That`s because I am the only high school student in GIrl`s Day. I brought my real school uniform for the shoot. Girly things still feel awkward.

[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 2

I joined the group late with Yura. As I’m easygoing, I was not intimidated by Sojin and Minah when I first met them. As I am much younger, I felt comfortable being affectionate towards other members.

I eat just about everything, because every food is good to eat. (Sojin: She is really omnivorous. She must have been born in the year of Dog.) Sojin can eat everything but is squeamish. Minah eats only small amounts of delicious food. She eats just enough to live. I’m always wondering if she eats or not, but she answers that she already ate.

I have kept a diary for two years since I started my life with Girl`s Day. I think I’m doing a good job (laugh). When I made my debut, I couldn’t keep it for months to work on a new album. But this year, I’m keeping a diary everyday. Sometimes, I rummage through my old diary but don’t read it because it makes me so embarrassed. There is no way I would show my diary to my teammates. I haven’t bought a new diary for next year. I will buy one soon.

I often read web cartoons. I enjoyed Kang Full’s works before and I am reading “A High School Senior Ran away from Home” [translated title] . I heard that IU is also reading that cartoon but I think I read it before her! (laugh) The cartoon captures not only the fun part but also the reality of life. (Sojin: You are just like some drama character.) You can learn lessons, “If you run away from home, you will get into trouble.”

I don’t like noisy places such as clubs. When I went to Perfume’s concert, I was totally excited at first but got tired of listening to electronic music for two hours. I won`t go out somewhere for the year`s end but have a party with other members, eating some cakes and meat together.

I’m against setting up a Christmas tree at our accommodation. If Christmas Day passes, the tree will not seem appropriate. A big teddy bear we brought from the office is now on the veranda. (Yura: It was on the bed first.) I don’t understand why we took it only to neglect it like that.

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