[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 1

My stage name is Sojin. My real name is Park So-jin.

I was born on May 21st, 1986. I have a younger brother and a Cocker Spaniel. The puppy is getting bigger everyday, but he is smaller than other Cocker Spaniels.

I am from Daegu city [in Northern Gyeongsang province, South Korea], but I have not spoken the local dialect since I moved to Seoul. I found it easy to imitate others’ way of talking. (Minah: She is so intelligent! Yura: Are you saying I`m less intelligent since I can`t change my dialect? who cannot fix my dialect? [laugh])

Though I`m the leader of the group, I feel embarrassed to say that I’m the leader. So, a question like “Who is Girl’s Day’s leader?” makes me uncomfortable. As the leader of Girl’s Day, I’d rather be an observer than a charismatic ruler. I just check whether other members are going out of control or not. (Hyeri: That’s the best kind of leader.)

Girl’s Day members are flexible and have sharp eyes. When I cook for them, they support me by cleaning around the kitchen or doing other things. When they can’t help me cook, they do the dishes.

[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 1

“Don’t Forget Me,” our latest single, was easier for us to sing compared to our previous songs. That’s because we can sing the song in our plain voices. But when we have to sing previous singles like “Twinkle Twinkle,” it can embarrasses us at times. That happened the other day. Because I maintained my feeling of “Don’t Forget Me,” I sang “Twinkle Twinkle” in sad mood before I realized what I was doing. (laugh).

We go shopping together, but we usually wander off and buy clothes individually. When going to Dongdaemun [Seoul`s shopping district], we just set up when to meet and go off. As each member has their own style, we rarely wear others’ clothes. Swapping clothes is for kids, right?

I often visit online shopping malls (laugh), which are added on the favorites list on my smart phone. I keep checking which mall has which clothes. (Yura: She`s really addicted. She does it 24 hours, whenever she eat or takes a break after dancing. It’s a real habit.)

Not long ago, I sang at the wedding ceremony of my friend. I really envy Wonder Girls member Sun, who recently announced her forthcoming marriage, and other married people like model Hye Park. They are continuing their job while they have partners to rely on.

Honestly, I wish New Year’s day would not come. I will talk to myself, “It should be December 32, 33…” Yura and Hyeji will get a driver license, but I … I have to renew mine. It makes me sad.

[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 1

My stage name is Yura. My real name is Kim Ah-young.

I was born on November 6, 1992. I am an only child. I have a kitten called ‘Koya’ who lives at my parents’ home. Sometimes Koya doesn’t seem like a cat because his hair was cut short and and he was neutered. He has become too gentle, quite unlike a cat. He used to be lofty and elegant. But now, Koya sleeps on my mom’s lap. He relies on people. It makes me sad but he`s still really cute.

I joined Girl’s Day since the group released “Nothing Lasts Forever” in November 2010. Though it’s been almost two years after my debut, I’ve not changed much. I think I`m very consistent. (laugh) Now, performing onstage doesn`t make me so nervous like before. Anyway, I want to be at the top of the charts some day!

At first, I took a vocalist role in the group but I have been performing rap since “Twinkle Twinkle.” I feel more comfortable with rapping than singing. Before my debut, I really liked Korean rappers Baechigi and Outsider. (Minah: She`s so into Block B’s “Nilili Mambo” these days! Show us now!) I can mimic the rap part of B1A4’s Baro. (Dropping her voice, Yura rapped,) “Though I’m hurt, I’m OK.” (laugh).

I don`t try to come up with special skills but most of what I do are things I used to do in my school days. I practice vocal mimicry by myself and show it to my members. If they say it is close to the real one, I keep using the skill. (Minah: She’s so talented. Was she born in the Year of the Monkey?)

[Interview] My Name Is... Girl's Day - Part. 1

I consider my teammates as my family. When I’m beside Sojin, it`s like being with my mom. So I sometimes make the mistake calling her “mom” by mistake. After calling her “mom”, I get shocked at what I`ve done. (Sojin: I tell her ” I`m not your mom!”. She`s even called me “teacher” by mistake.)

I do not try to fix my dialect. So sometimes Seoul people can`t understand me.

For some strange reason, I love princess-like dresses. One-piece dresses or cute outfits. I love wearing pretty stuff onstage and in my everyday life.

There is one particular food that I really hate. Oyster! I ate some oyster kimchi once before. I picked out the oyster and ate the rest, but it still tasted of oyster. Actually, I hate cucumbers and carrots, too. One day, at a motorway service station, I had black bean sauce noodles with sliced cucumbers. I got so angry and said, “Who played tricks on my food?” Then, Hyeri said, “What’s the matter? Is the portion not big enough?” That was hilarious.

We shot a reality show “KiraKira Slim,” which was aired in Japan. Now, I hope to be in Korean TV programs. I think it would be funny to film us playing games or going on a day trip.

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