White Night: Interview with Actor Yi Yi-kyung - Part. 2

Q. In Korea, there are lots of Christian, influenced by Confucian thnking. Many consider homosexuals or bisexuals as abnormal. Do you wish to change that attitude?

Yi: When I was shooting KBS drama “School 2013,” some staff and even the director asked me if I was gay. I told them “no” or that “I have no comment.”

Q. I’ve heard that you spent a lot of time with One Tae-hee before the shoot to build up a chemistry. Didn’t anybody misjudge you? (laugh)

Yi: One Tae-hee opened his mind first asking me go for lunch. He told me about him, such as how he lived or what kind of person he is. Since he made the approach first, I opened my mind, too.

Q. Tell us about the director LeeSong Hee-il.

Yi: I can feel that he is an artist. He is playful but always observing things not to miss anything. He remembers everything he sees on the set or at the filming site.

Q. In “Going South” and “Suddenly, Last Summer,” there are four other characters. Is there another character among them you are interested in?

Yi: I’m interested in the role of Kim Jae Heung in “Going South.” I don’t think I can dance like he did, though. I helped the production department for the movie. It was chaotic because we had a typhoon but I felt strange watching the movie afterwards.

Q. How did you come up with the idea of working in a production department?

Yi: I asked director LeeSong first. He thought I’m joking at first but I wanted to experience being behind the camera rather than just standing in front of it as an actor. The job was to block cars and keep the site under control, and I wanted to try it so badly.

When I told LeeSong after our filming and he told me that the job is too hard. But I kept on asking him so he gave in. I was a motor vehicle driver in military, so he asked me to drive a bus. That’s how I participated in “Going South.”

I drove a van. I also drove a car that appears a lot in the movie. I picked up extras and I also went shopping if we needed something. During the filming of “Going South,” the extras didn’t know that I was the main actor in “White Night.” It was funny to read people's tweets which said, “that driver was Yi Yi-kyung”. I don’t know how this experience will help me in the future, but I liked it a lot.

Q. You said you played a once-in-a-lifetime role. Is there any other character you’d like to take in the future?

Yi: I want to try a comedy. I feel a little uncomfortable being with an actress. (One: now you are getting interested in man, congrats!) (laughs) I want to try a role similar to that of Ha Jung-Woo in “The Yellow Sea.” The role Ha Jung-Woo plays crosses the Yellow Sea to earn some money, but he gets into trouble and get chased. I want to try that kind of life.

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