Teen Top No.1 showcase

Korean boy band Teen Top members L. Joe (left), C.A.P (second to left), Changjo (third to left), Niel (third to right), Ricky (second to right) and Chunji (right) at the group’s 1st studio album “No. 1” showcase, at Seoul’s Interpark Art Center in Korea on February 26, 2013. [TenAsia/ Lee Jin-hyuk]


Korean rookie boy band 100% members Jong Hwan (left), Rock Hyun (second to left), Chan Young (third to left), Min Woo (center), Sang Hun (third to right), Chang Bum (second to right) and Hyuk Jin (right) on the cover of their 2nd single, “Guy like Me,” out on December 7, 2012. [T.O.P Media]

The strong never lasts forever. It is the same for the entertainment industry where the trend changes rapidly and the future is more unpredictable compared to other fields. It’s undeniable that the top three agencies—SM, YG and JYP—are leading the industry both in sales and ability in planning and marketing.

However, there are still other smaller agencies which have squeezed themselves in between and gradually becoming a threat to the major three. And that’s why TenAsia English decided to go over these rising mid-sized agencies.

We made a list of our comprehensive comments of their movements so far, plus cool-headed evaluations and advice on their strengths and weak points and accidental outcomes. From today, we’ll be highlighting a total of 12 mid-sized entertainment agencies striving to rise to the top in the cutthroat entertainment world here in Korea.


TOP Media


Teen Top, 100%

Overall Evaluation

Teen Top’s group dance is TOP Media’s alpha and omega. In the idol world where it’s common to promote themselves not only with their singing and dancing but also with additional TV appearances, TOP Media focuses on Teen Top’s performance in “Clap,” “Supa Luv” and “Be Ma Girl” and succeeded in solidifying the group as a byword for group dance. Teen Top’s strength in their singing about pure love with powerful group dances, not in the occasional bad-boy-styled lyrics and awkward styling as with teen stars of the U.S. It is also troublesome that their new boy band 100% failed to expand their boundaries after debuting last year. It’s time for TOP Media to show their ability to concentrate.

A Magic Touch

Teen Top’s “To You” with its appealing melody and sexy group dance moves. Just like its introduction which goes ‘woo~,’ the catchy melody works as well as other Brave Brothers’ songs. The performance becomes irresistable, combined with members’ sexy wave move on chairs and indifferent shoulder shakes.

A Surprising Move

Teen Top’s youngest member Changjo. Who would have expected him to be so sexy when with sunglasses on in “Supa Luv”? He is now one of the good examples for every youngest member of idol groups with his height, chiseled features and those oh-so-gorgeous abs.

The Boss’s Mistake

Teen Top’s lyrics in “No More Perfume on You” and their styling in “Be Ma Girl,” which showed that a-man-amongst-men concept doesn’t quite work for them. They look like over-made-up girls, singing  ‘like I told you’ and ‘don’t tell a lie’ but the bad boy image in “No More Perfume On You” doesn’t quite work. The same goes with their style in “Be Ma Girl.”

Reporter: Lee Hye Ji, Photographer: Lee Jin-hyuk, Editor: Nemo Kim