Korean girl band KARA members Kang Ji-young (left), Nicole (second to left), Han Seung-yeon (center), Park Gyu-lee (second to right) and Gu Hara (right) at their first Korea concert “KARASIA,” at the Olympic Gymnastics Stadium on February 18 and 19, 2012. [DSP Media]



A-JAX members Sung Min (left), Hyo Jun (second to left), Yun Young (third to left), Jae Hyung (center), Seung Jin (third to right), Hyeong Kon (second to right) and Seung Yup (right) on the cover of their 2nd digital single album “HOT GAME,” dropped on July 11, 2012. [DSP Media]

The strong never lasts forever. It is the same for the entertainment industry where the trend changes rapidly and the future is more unpredictable compared to other fields. It’s undeniable that the top three agencies—SM, YG and JYP—are leading the industry both in sales and ability in planning and marketing.

However, there are still other smaller agencies which have squeezed themselves in between and gradually becoming a threat to the major three. And that’s why TenAsia English decided to go over these rising mid-sized agencies.

We made a list of our comprehensive comments of their movements so far, plus cool-headed evaluations and advice on their strengths and weak points and accidental outcomes. From today, we’ll be highlighting a total of 12 mid-sized entertainment agencies striving to rise to the top in the cutthroat entertainment world here in Korea.

DSP Media


KARA. Rainbow, A-JAX Overall Evaluation

DSP can produce hit songs but the company seems to leave everything else to chance afterwards. The company’s producing ability lack in several ways for their artists to develop.

DSP Media’s popular songs, including KARA’s “Rock U,” “Pretty Girl” and Rainbow’s “A,” “Mach,” grabbed enough responsesfrom the general public. But Rainbow failed to let people know enough  about them and each member’s individuality, when KARA succeeded to continue their popularity through the members’ desperate efforts and booming activities in Japan. A-JAX is still awaiting their first chance to shine. It is clear that they need the next big shot. A Magic Touch

KARA’s new members Kang Ji-young, Gu Hara and their first song “Rock U.” KARA wiped the slate clean with this hit since their less-than-expected result from the first album with refreshing members and refreshing songs by Sweetune. The sense of refreshment as well as the fun lyrics, ‘shake it shake it’ were enough to thrill many Korean men’s hearts. 
A Surprising Move

Japanese comedian Gekidan Hitori’s promotion for KARA. Even before KARA began their official activities in Japan, he praised KARA every time he was on TV. He is one of the first shareholders for KARA’s big hit in Japan, which led the group to the first Tokyo Dome concert for a Korean girl group. The Boss’ Mistake

Change of Rainbow’s songwriter when the group was on the upturn. It was a hasty move to replace their former songwriter Sweetune with a new one when the group was impressing their color to the general public with “A.” There are not many hit songs which you can sing along to right after hearing the single line, ‘is it everywhere (love), is love everywhere (love)’ [as in “A”].