Kim Seo-hyung

Korean actress Kim Seo-hyung during a photoshoot with TenAsia English. [TenAsia/ Chae Ki-won]


One of Korea’s top three film festivals, the Jeonju International Film Festival [JIFF] is set to open this year on April 25. JIFF is considered to be the event which celebrates experimental cinema from both Korea and overseas.

One flagship program at JIFF is their “Short! Short! Short” project in which three directors are invited to make a short film. To mark the opening of this year’s JIFF, TenAsia English interviewed the three teams involved in this year’s very exciting project. 

Q. Tell us about your film and your character.

Kim Seo-hyung: It is about a Female character named “Mi Jung.” The character recollects some bad memories about her parents after she is struck by lightning. She lives her life feeling guilty because of the bad memories. She find out that there is a meeting between people who are struck by lightning. She goes there and meets a guy called “J.” I can only tell you this much about the movie.

Q. I recently read the book, but you said the character lives feeling guilty. Is that what you felt about your character while analyzing it?

Kim: I didn’t read the book. I only read the script, but there is a narration in the film. Through the narration part, I came to understand her.

Q. You recently worked on various TV dramas. You were also on blockbuster movie “the Berlin File.” How was working on an independent film?

Kim: I had an opportunity to contribute my acting talent to TV dramas recently (laugh) I don’t judge a script based on the length of the film. I don’t care if it’s a short film or a feature film. If the scenario is good, I am happy to take part. However, viewers seem to have different images about me since I mostly work on TV dramas.

People think ‘She won’t do it’ or ‘why would she do this small short film,’ but I’m always open-minded. I am willing to work on short film if the scenario is interesting. I wanted to work on “Waltzing on Thunder” after only reading the beginning part of the script.  I told the director I want to do it because I thought I could express the character better than others.

Q. During the press conference, you acting partner Choi Won-hyeong said that you two had hard time on shooting on a wild plain because of the weather. I think it’s the scene that the characters go on a trip to find a spot where lightning strikes.

Kim: I believe each shooting team have their own hardships. It wasn’t so easy shooting that scene, but the wild plain scene is the most important one in the film. The weather was not helping us, but the scene turned out perfect. We shot the scene in a blizzard. The wind was so cold. I’d never felt so cold as I was then.

Reporter: Lee Hye-ji, Photographer: Chae Ki-won, Editor: Nemo Kim