Kim Seo-hyung

Korean actress Kim Seo-hyung during a photoshoot with TenAsia English. [TenAsia/ Chae Ki-won]


Q. In your previous interview you said “When I’m acting I try to do it perfectly which can make everyone else tired.” What was the hardest scene in the film for you?

Kim Seo-hyung: No single scene stands out for me. I thought that the Mi Jung character is not perfect. Maybe because of my conception about the character, I didn’t try too hard this time. I think actors’ and actresses’ attitude towards their work changes over time. Every actor wants to act well but I probably said what I said in the past because I get over-ambitious sometime. Luckily everything went really well while working with the director of this film. So rather than the expression or the character, the hardest thing was the bad weather during the shoot. Also, the director took real good care of me.

Q. It seems like every cast member in “Short! Short! Short! 2013” series only say good things about their director. “THE BODY” team also said their directors were really nice.  (Laugh)

Kim: Really? I guess everybody met their perfect match. (Laugh) The director let us do what we felt like in the wild plain scene. Since we were running out of time and with the cold weather, we did what we felt like doing out of instinct.  I think Choi Won-hyeong and I did whatever we felt like in that scene.

Q. It’s your 20th anniversary as an actress next year.

Kim: Really? (Laugh) I feel like it’s less than 10 years because I haven’t shown enough work to public for a long time after my debut. I started to show or express something only recently. People think it has been long because they have become accustomed to seeing me recently. There are many actors and actresses who do a really good job but they are not recognized enough becuase the public don’t know much about them.

Q. What do you think about your previous 20 years and how would you like your future to be as an actress?

Kim: I didn’t get enough work after my debut. It was hard to even bring some food to the table. If I just count the number of the years, I can say I worked as an actress for 20 year. However if I count the number of years I’ve actually worked, I have to say I worked less than 10 years. About the future, I hope I can get as much as I do these days. That is all I want.

Q. The opening of the Jeonju International Film Festival [JIFF] is only 10 days away.

Kim: I’ve never been to JIFF. I want to watch the opening film of JIFF, “Foxfire.” I also can’t wait to watch the other two in our section. I’m really looking forward to visiting JIFF.

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Reporter: Lee Hye-ji, Photographer: Chae Ki-won, Editor: Nemo Kim