“The Man From Nowhere” triumphed at the 2010 Korea Film Awards on Thursday, raking up the most trophies at the annual ceremony including its main star Won Bin who won the prize for best actor.

The action flick directed by Lee Jeong-bum took the awards for best actor, best new actress, best cinematography, best music, best lighting, best visual effects and best editor.

The movie, also starring child actress Kim Sae-ron, has been one of the hottest movies of the year, attracting over six million moviegoers during its run on the box office for several months starting August.

Won Bin, 33, had been up against Park Joong-hoon for “My Dear Desperado,” Park Hui-soon for “A Barefoot Dream,” Choi Min-sik for “I Saw the Devil” and Jung Jae-young for “Moss.”

Won Bin’s role as a reclusive former special agent who befriends a young girl next door has won him his second award for best actor — the Daejong Film Awards held in late October deemed him the best actor of the year as well.

Meanwhile, Seo Young-hee nabbed the award for best actress with her role in “Bedevilled,” ousting nominees Yoon Jeong-hee for “Poetry,” Jeon Do-youn for “The Housemaid,” Moon So-ri for “Hahaha” and Jung Yu-mi for “My Dear Desperado.”

Critically acclaimed director Lee Chang-dong’s film “Poetry” starring veteran actress Yoon Jeong-hee took the prize for best picture, best director and best screenplay.

The picture has won a total five awards for best screenplay, including at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, the Buil Film Festival, Korea Film Critics Association Award and the Daejong Film Awards.

▲ Best Picture: “Poetry”
▲ Best Director: Lee Chang-dong (“Poetry”)
▲ Best New Director: Jang Cheol-su (“Bedevilled”)
▲ Best Actor: Won Bin (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Best Actress: Seo Young-hee (“Bedevilled”)
▲ Best Supporting Actor: Yoo Hae-jin (“Moss”)
▲ Best Supporting Actress: Yoon Yeo-jung (“The Housemaid”)
▲ Best New Actor: Song Sae-byuk (“A Story of Bangja”)
▲ Best New Actress: Kim Sae-ron (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Best Cinematography: Lee Tae-yoon (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Best Music: Shim Hyun-jung (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Best Art Direction: Park Il-hyun (“A Story of Bangja”)
▲ Best Screenplay: Lee Chang-dong (“Poetry”)
▲ Best Lighting: Lee Cheol-oh (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Best Sound: Gong Tae-won (“Midnight FM”)
▲ Best Visual Effects: Park Jung-ryul (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Best Editor: Kim Sang-beom Kim Jae-beom (“The Man From Nowhere”)
▲ Lifetime Achievement: Shin Sung-il

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