Bae Seul-gi

Korean actress Bae Seul-gi during a photoshoot with TenAsia, at a studio located in Gangnam-gu in Seoul, Korea on April 15, 2013. [TenAsia/ Chae Ki-won]


One of Korea’s top three film festivals, the Jeonju International Film Festival [JIFF] is set to open this year on April 25. JIFF is considered to be the event which celebrates experimental cinema from both Korea and overseas.

One flagship program at JIFF is their “Short! Short! Short” project in which three directors are invited to make a short film. To mark the opening of this year’s JIFF, TenAsia English interviewed the three teams involved in this year’s very exciting project.

Q. Tell us about your film and character.

Bae Seul-gi: I took on the role of an actress in the scenario. It’s a role that doesn’t exist in the original novel, and I played a female detective in a film inside the movie.

Q. This was your second indie film after “Suicidal Story.” How was it?

Bae: They made us feel so comfortable that we were able to try everything we wanted to try. And when we had to do some after recording, the directors let us do as much ad-lib as I wanted to so I was able to try out a variety of improvised lines.

Q. What do you think about your co-star Shi Dong-mi?

Bae: She has fantastic personality. Even though we hadn’t talked before the press conference, she came and talked to me first. She made me feel so comfortable and I was thankful that she kept taking care of me afterwards.

Q. You once said in an interview, “I still have a lingering desire for singing but I’d like to reach the top as an actor.”

Bae: Well rather than reaching the top… I actually never had the desire to reach the top. I hope to be healed through my work than be stressed by it, and I believe I would be able to do it by enjoying my work. And this is because I put the work I want to do and aim to do before than anything else.

The reason I had a lingering desire for singing was because my record didn’t do well, didn’t go the way I intended it to, and I didn’t even have a chance to work on it carefully step by step. I think it’s not having gotten that sense of healing or satisfaction that got me more attached to it. But I majored in acting and since I’m a film student, I’d like to work harder at acting. I’ll be very satisfied if I build my image as a hardworking, reliable and good actor.

Q. What’s your plan during your stay in Jeonju for JIFF?

Bae: I’m planning to stay there for three days, and I’m dying to see the other “SHORT! SHORT! SHORT! 2013” films. I’m so excited!

Photographer: Chae Ki-won