“The Gu Family Book” Solid at the Top

Actor-singer Lee Seung-gi from a scene in “The Gu Family Book.” [MBC]

Broadcaster MBC’s historical fantasy drama “The Gu Family Book” is standing solid atop the TV ratings chart.

The series grabbed an average viewership rating of 16.25 percent on April 29 and 30, Nielson Korea’s survey showed on Wednesday.

This makes it the fourth week in a row the show has placed first on the chart and its ratings have been on a constant rise since its premiere in early April.

Next on the chart was KBS’s “The Queen of Office,” nabbing an average score of 14 percent. Viewers were finally able to see the soft side to Miss Kim who broke into tears when chief Ko lost his job.

SBS’s fusion costume drama “Jang Ok-jung, Live for Love” stayed at the bottom of the chart with an average mark of eight percent.

The viewership ratings chart by TNmS [Total National Multimedia Statistic] showed the programs in the same order as that of Nielson Korea for the same period.

“The Gu Family Book” was at the top of chart with an average viewership of 14.1 percent with “The Queen of Office” and “Jang Ok-jung, Live for Love” following sequentially with average marks of 12.95 percent and 8.2 percent, respectively.

Reportor. Lee Eun Ah
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MBC