All charges against actor Park Si-hoo

Actor Park Si-hoo on the set of KBS drama “The Princess’ Man” [KBS]

The woman who accused actor Park Si-hoo of rape has dropped her charges, according to prosecution on Friday.

An official with the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office delivered the news to TenAsia over the phone.

The official affirmed that on Thursday, the accuser submitted a form canceling charges of quasi-rape and fleeing after rape against Park, and a charge of indecent act by force against his friend.

To this, Park and his friend soon after cancelled their charges of false accusation against her and both parties dropped charges with “no particular conditions attached.”

No information has been revealed on the details of how the two parties came to see an agreement after three months of vicious scuffling.

Nonetheless, prosecution can longer pursue the case because sexual abuse-related cases require the accuser to have filed charges. 

Park, who had gained a favorable reputation through SBS drama “Cheongdam-dong Alice” in the start of the year, had shocked the nation when it was first reported in mid-February that a would-be actress accused him of rape.

The woman had said that she, Park and his friend had drinks together and Park raped her after she blacked out from too much alcohol. Park admitted to having sexual intercourse with her but not against her will.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of KBS