Jo Kwon

Korean singer-actor Jo Kwon of K-pop idol band 2AM. [Jo Kwon’s Twitter]

Jo Kwon of K-pop idol band 2AM has shared his thoughts of gratitude following the ending to his first TV series last night.

The singer-actor wrote a long message attached with several photos of himself including the ID card his character used via his Twitter account on Tuesday midnight KST, an hour after the last episode of his first TV drama “The Queen of Office” hit airwaves on KBS and finished its eight-week run.

“I, as a person with a special occupation, have felt and learn a lot by living as office worker Kye Kyung-woo for the past three months, although I couldn’t feel 100% of all the joys and sorrows real workers have,” the star, who made his debut in 2008 after eight years training, wrote about his first experience as a normal citizen.

“I feel so grateful for the people that watched the show all the way to the last episode. Living the life of Kye Kyung-woo is the best thing I did this year. Thank you again,” he continued, wrapping up his loving memory in the hit series.

“The Queen of Office,” which premiered April 1, was favorably received both by critics and TV audience by depicting on the average life of office workers with humor and realism in 16 episodes.

Jo Kwon, who broke into the music industry as member of 2AM, took on his first acting role in 2010 MBC sitcom “All My Love,” co-starring Gain of Brown Eyed Girls, Yoon Dujun of BEAST and Lizzy of After School.


Jo Kwon

Korean singer-actor Jo Kwon’s ID card accessory for his TV series “The Queen of Office.” [Jo Kwon’s Twitter]

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