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Korean teenage singing duo Akdong Musician’s Lee Soohyun (left) and Lee Chanhyuk (right). [SBS]

Akdong Musician, the teenage sibling musician and winner on TV audition “K-pop Star 2,” has become the newest family member of YG Entertainment.

Akdong musician has decided to join the top talent agency amongst three major agencies including SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment the teen musicians were allowed to choose from for winning the show, YG announced through a statement Friday.

“Although we can’t disclose the detailed terms of the contract, we have met with the parents of Akdong musician and finished talks without a problem. The formal contract will be signed in a few days,” YG explained.

Akdong Musician, formed of brother Lee Chan-hyuk, 16, and sister Lee Soo-hyun, 13, was quoted as saying that their reason of signing with YG as, “We thought YG would be the best place to support our music. We’d like to make better music in this nice environment.”

The biggest reason Akdong Musician signed with YG is that they had experienced YG’s well-organized and professional training system twice during their contest in “K-pop Star 2” and shared their music with numerous YG-exclusive producers, YG explained.

The music house scouted Lee Hi, the runner-up to the first season of “K-pop Star,” and she became one of the most successful audition-born stars, putting three of her songs atop online music charts and TV music shows in just seven months of her debut last October.

Akdong Musician had gained overwhelming popularity during the early phase of the show by putting their own compositions “You Are Attractive” and “Crescendo” in the top places of Korean music charts.

Soo-hyun’s clear and skilled voice and Chan-hyuk’s witty and catchy compositions have attracted both manias and the public’s support for them and their music with harmonious melodies and brilliant yet thoughtful lyrics.

Their newest self-written tune “Bean Dduck Bing Soo” [translated title], the commercial song for a new summer food from Korean bakery chain, topped MelOn’s singles chart right after its release on Thursday.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of SBS