No Min-woo

Korean actor No Min-woo’s debut stage as a member of trio band ICON [MJ Dreamsys]

Korean actor No Min-woo has shed himself of his pretty boy image and turned into a rock star.

No made his debut as a member of trio band ICON on Friday, giving his first performance at “The NOMINWOO 1st Single Album Showcase ICONIC OH DISCO” held in Seoul.

Members Monster, the drummer, and DJ Disco shared the stage with No, who is the group’s vocalist, guitarist, and composer of all four songs to their album.

After first taking to the stage with song “Rock Star,” No introduced himself as a member of ICON, the first time in seven years that he was back on stage as a singer.

“Enjoy my stage like you all enjoy the music at a club. Those who never been to club, just enjoy the music and go crazy,” he excitedly said to the attendees of the showcase from various countries and ages – from students, to mothers with children, to seniors.

Then before No gave his solo performance of song “Baby,” he explained, “I really wanted all of you to hear this song. I wrote it thinking of my fans who are my babies. I wrote it before I went to sleep, lying in my bed.”

After “Baby,” the air in the concert hall went mellow and soft, and No continued with “Sorry” which he said he wrote in an hour.

Afterwards, his fans suddenly cried out in joy as they sang happy birthday to No when he was given a surprise birthday cake – his birthday was just two days before the showcase.

No then expressed his happiness and gratitude to his fans who had waited for him. The concert closed its curtains with “Hello” which No said he also wrote thinking of fans.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MJ Dreamsys