Huh Gak

Korean solo singer Huh Gak. [A CUBE Entertainment]

A-Pink member Jeong Eun-ji

Photo of A-Pink member Jeong Eun-ji [A-Cube Entertainment]


Solo singer Huh Gak has made a great leap to the top of MelOn’s chart with powerful female vocalist Jung Eunji of girl group A PINK.

Huh and Jung’s duet song “Short Hair” sat atop MelOn’s weekly singles chart during the week of June 3 to 9, climbing up a whopping 17 steps from its position the previous week.

Featuring the two skilled vocalists’ beautiful harmony, the love song is now under Huh’s hit duet song lists which include “I Need You” with ballad singer Zia and “Melodrama” with teenage singer-songwriter Yoo Seung-woo.

Sitting on No. 2 on the chart was rising R&B star Bumkey’s newest urban hip-hop tune “Bad Girl,” featuring E-Sense of hip-hop duo Supreme Team.

The 28-year-old rookie has cemented his name in the underground hip-hop scene and contributed his unique voice to INFINITE’s sub-unit INFINITE H’s title tune “Special Girl.”

Girl group 4minute’s mega-hit dance song “What’s Your Name” slid down to third place on the chart, while K-pop queen Lee Hyori’s chart-topping tune “Bad Girls” fell three spots to fourth place.

Akdong Musician, the teenage singer-songwriter sibling, rounded off the top five with their TV commercial hit tune “Bean Ice Flakes with Rice Cake.”

Other songs much enjoyed last week were BEAST’s new R&B “Will You Be Alright?,” 4MEN’s newest soundtrack “Only You,” Roy Kim’s hit folk rock “BOM BOM BOM,” 4MEN’s new title track “Propose Song” and CL’s successful solo debut tune “The Baddest Female.”

Over on the albums chart, Lee Hyori secured the top position with her fifth album “MONOCHROME,” while R&B duo Vibe followed next with “Organic Sound,” their first full-length album in three years.

K-pop rookie boy band EXO’s first studio album “XOXO (KISS & HUG)” made a successful debut, taking to the No. 3 spot after selling more than 118,000 copies in the week of its release, according to their agency SM Entertainment’s statement Monday.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of A CUBE Entertainment