From left, K-pop girl group SISTAR members Hyolyn, Dasom, Soyou and Bora at the “MelOn Premiere Showcase – Give It to Me” held at Lotte Card Art Center on June 11. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Girl group SISTAR returned to the K-pop scene on Tuesday all glitz and glamour. The girls held a showcase for their newly released second full-length album “Give it To Me,” a few hours after the album and music video for the title song of the same name were released.

After opening the curtains to the showcase with dance music “Hey You,” one of the tracks listed in the girls’ new album, the girls sang the slow-tempo R&B song “Crying,” written by member Hyolyn. SISTAR then gave their much anticipated performance of “Give It To Me” by music producer Double Kick, who wrote the group’s last hit single “Loving U” in June 2012. Member Bora then introduced one of the main dances to the song, dubbed the ‘touch dance,’ where the group taps their own bodies three times.

Promoter Q, who had introduced global star PSY to PSY’s global music manager Scooter Braun, made a surprise visit to the showcase. Q pointed out that SISTAR would be the next global superstar, just like he predicted PSY’s “Gangnam Style” boom, because the girls remind him of Beyonce or Destiny’s Child. He also complimented the group’s sounds as being soulful and R&B like, and suggested they collaborate with singers from abroad to approach the global music scene than releasing albums.


Q. How have you been?

Bora: We carried out various activities during the past year. We did our best to prepare for our comeback since it is a full-length album. There are more details and moves that stand out this time so we spent time practicing.

Soyou: Since the concept of our title song is Moulin Rouge, we prepared special dance parts. Hyolyn and I dance with a male dancer, Dasom shows some moves with a hat and cane, and Bora with sparkle dust.

Dasom: I had always had the image of being cute as the youngest in our group. So to change my image, I chose the magician’s hat and cane for this musical-themed song of ours. I hope fans will like it.


Q. What is special about this album?

Hyolyn: The performance. This will be like the full version of us, bringing together all the images we’ve shown you so far.


Q. You’re working with Double Kick for the second time in a row since “Loving U.” What would you say is the difference between Double Kick and Brave Sound?

Hyolyn: We decided to work with Double Kick because we concluded that even though Brave Sound’s tunes were strong, his tunes would be more appropriate for our next album. The difference between the two is just that they have their own styles.


Q. Promoter Q suggested you collaborate with someone overseas. Is there anybody you have in mind?

Hyolyn: I’d like to work with Hollywood actor and singer Jamie Foxx who was in “Dreamgirls” in 2006. His album always contains charming music. And I’ve watched his live stage through the Internet. I’d like to work with Jamie if I get a chance.


Q. How does it feel to be back in the music scene for the first time in a year as SISTAR?

Soyou: I missed being on the stage. And I’m satisfied with the fact that we got to try out new things this time. I also loved listening to the songs in our album. I listened it while sleeping, in the car… I just feel very attached to it.


Q. Hyolyn, you wrote the lyrics to “Crying.” And it’s about one’s broken heart from breaking up with a loved one. Does this come from your experience?

Hyolyn: I’m not feminine when it comes to dating and not good at expressing myself either, so I think that’s the way I wrote the lyrics. I’ve never had my heart broken like that. It was based on a lot of things, my imagination, how I’m not good at expressing myself when I work, and such.


Q. Who do you think is the strongest rival?

Hyolyn: We don’t release an album thinking we’ll beat someone or some group. We are all just happy we got to release a full-length album. And of course, we’re very nervous because there are so many groups out there that are good. But we’re just honored to share the stage with various artists. The girl group that we receive impetus from is ourselves. Especially when we monitor our performances.



From left, K-pop girl group SISTAR members Bora, Soyou, Dasom and Hyolyn at the “MelOn Premiere Showcase – Give It to Me” held at Lotte Card Art Center on June 11. [TenAsia/ Gue Hye Jung]

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Photographer. Gue Hye Jung
Editor. Jessica Kim