Actress Shin Se-gyeong poses during an interview with TenAsia. [TenAsia/Gue Hye Jung]

Actress Shin Se-gyeong poses during an interview with TenAsia. [TenAsia/Gue Hye Jung]

Q. Is there anything you put extra effort into to prepare for your role?

ShinI couldn’t find anything to refer to. No matter how hard I looked, there weren’t any characters like Mi-do (laughs). And the show dealt less with her worldly desires in the latter half of its showing to tell about the male-female relationships. But what I had focused on most was showing how she comes to be greedy of material things. Now that I think about it, it’s a bit of a shame that the story of the relationships stood out more.


Q. I think you’d be able to say this now that the show is over but what do you think is the meaning that lies behind “When a Man Falls in Love”?

Shin: Just like its title, I think it’s about showing what men are like when they fall in love (laughs). But love is not just about the affection that exists between a man and woman. The title may suggest that it’s about what happens when Tae-sang falls in love with Mi-do but I actually think this drama talks about various kinds of human love. Love is so complicated. It’s hard to define (laughs). I think it would be most correct to say the show is about human affection.

Q. Your character in this show and as Lee Ga-young in SBS drama “Fashion King” last year have the similarity that they were both sort of the tragic main female character. Is there a story to how you got cast as Seo Mi-do?

Shin: All dramas contain conflicts and they’re all similar because they tell about how the main character grows through that conflict. But I think the characters I play end up seeming more tragic when I play them (laughs). As for how I got cast to this drama, I heard that producer Kim Sang-ho decided on me as soon as he watched my film “Hindsight” (laughs).


Actress Shin Se-gyeong poses during an interview with TenAsia. [TenAsia/Gue Hye Jung]

Actress Shin Se-gyeong poses during an interview with TenAsia. [TenAsia/Gue Hye Jung]

Q. What is your criteria for choosing a role?

Shin: I usually just get a vibe when I choose a role. Sort of a fatalistic vibe? And it could come from a single line or a scene but for this show, I got it from the first and second episodes. I liked Mi-do in how she went to Tae-sang and asked how he would feel about buying her, and I’m personally attached to those episodes. I believe in fate. That’s why I think the project I get to work on and the actors that I get to work with, are all just meant to be. And my opinion is important but I listen carefully to what others say as well. It’s my way of trying to distribute the pressure (laughs).


Q. What sort of actor do you want to become? You have played different roles but recently, it feels like you’ve played characters with similar images. 

Shin: I’m not trying to maintain a certain image so I don’t feel uncomfortable about taking on a different image. It’s just that I want to do acting that’ll help me gradually improve in the areas I lack in.


Q. Have there been any moments during your acting career that have been difficult for you?

Shin: It’s been several years since I’ve discovered my shortcomings but at first, it was difficult to see myself from an objective standpoint. I had zero confidence when I was doing SBS’s “Deep Rooted Tree” (2011). That’s why I focused just on the process of correcting my shortcomings when I took on roles. Of course, I could’ve thought of just giving up completely because I had no confidence but I had a goal so it made me keep trying. And by working on this drama, I learned that there’s a greater sense of achievement you gain when you approach those shortcomings actively.


Q. So you must know your strengths and weaknesses by now.

Shin: My strength is that I work hard (laughs). And of course, I do think I’m good at certain things but regardless, I come across obstacles every time. As for my weaknesses, I have too many (laughs). And it’s actually not about the ratings or number of audiences my projects score. They’re regarding the things I felt I lacked in. But I usually don’t tell people my shortcomings because the public might focus on just that. In a way, it’s my strategy (laughs).


Q. You must have thought about your next project. And I’m curious to what your plan is.

Shin: I have no plans (laughs). I realized that I don’t rest well when I have a new project set. I’m going to rest, meet my friends, and travel with my family for the time being. Of course, if I’m handed a good project, whether it’s a film or drama, I’ll do it. I’ve recently been thinking that movies are shot in better environments than dramas but I don’t think I’m good enough to do well at that genre yet. So I think I’ll go for movies again when I have a wider realm of emotions I can express and can express them well. Nothing comes easy (laughs).

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