From left, 2PM members Taecyeon, Junho, Jun.K, Wooyoung, Nichkhun, and Chansung, pose during a press conference ahead of their concert in Seoul, Korea on June 22, 2013. [JYP Entertainment]

From left, 2PM members Taecyeon, Junho, Jun.K, Wooyoung, Nichkhun, and Chansung, pose during a press conference ahead of their concert in Seoul, Korea on June 22, 2013. [JYP Entertainment]


Boy band 2PM marked the end to their seven month-long Asia tour with their last set of concerts in Seoul on June 21 and 22. The tour, held under the name of “WHAT TIME IS IT,” wrapped up successfully after attracting some 15,000 audiences and the tour itself, which started in Shanghai in China on November 2012, attracted a total 65,000 fans, according to estimates by JYP Entertainment. Just three hours ahead of giving their last concert, the six-member band held a press conference.

Jun. K started by saying, “We’re so happy to get to hold a concert in Korea for the first time in two years. I think it’ll be an opportunity for us to show the performances we have worked on perfecting while on tour overseas.” Wooyoung too said, “It’ll be meaningful enough to get to show how much we’ve improved,” emphasizing that they did not spend the past seven months carelessly.

They then explained the preparations they underwent for the concert. “We prepared some special performances for our Seoul shows. Each member has a unique solo performance and we changed around the repertoire of the concert a bit to show our fans more songs from our third album,” said Wooyoung. Junho added, “By performing all over the world for the past two years, we’ve come to figure out how to do concerts. I think we’ll do a better job because we’re more at ease now when we go on stage.”

Their Seoul concerts had gained interest in particular because a number of songs written by the members of the group, including Jun.K’s “Game Over,” were going to be revealed for the first time. Jun.K described an incident regarding the song saying, “There’s a dance where we use shields but we had a hard time because Wooyoung was so heavy once he got on top of them (laughs).” Then Junho chimed in, “It was to the point that he dented the shields. So we ended up having to change the material.” It seemed they had worked hard to prepare their solo performances as well. “I prepared my self-composed song ‘Tracion.’ I felt that it was important to show a different side to me so I practiced dancing the tango,” Taecyeon explained. And of his song “TRUE SWAG,” Jun.K revealed, “It’s a song I made specifically to perform at our concert. I revealed it in Japan first but I’ve been given the opportunity to reveal it here in Korea as well.” Wooyoung and Nichkhun said they would demonstrate their piano skills through their composition “This Is Love” and “Let it rain,” respectively, and Chansung added he had a modern dance sequence prepared for his self-composition “Perfume” (translated title).

However, 2PM will now turn their focus to their individual activities. “We understand that our fans must be quite sad. We’ve had to halt our activities quickly but we hope you consider our individual activities as part of our activities as group 2PM as well. We’d like to present our fans with a better 2PM by growing through our individual activities. We may be saying goodbye for the time being but we’ll come back real soon so please wait for us,” Taecyeon asked. Then when asked about group SHINHWA, the oldest boy band in the K-pop scene, Jun.K said, “SHINHWA said they’d ‘like to be alive’ when asked about where they’ll be in 20 years. We’d be happy to just get to see SHINHWA (laughs).” Junho added. “I hope we’ll be alive then too (laughs). Through our group activities, we’re coming to realize that it’s difficult to stay together like SHINHWA has. But we’d like to provide our fans with music and performances that’ll fit our situation whether it is 10 or 20 years from now.”

Reporter. Kim Gwang Kuk
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of JYP Entertainment