Lee Jong-suk

Korean actor Lee Jong-suk on the set of SBS drama “I Can Hear Your Voice.” [SBS]

SBS series “I Can Hear Your Voice” has topped Wednesday and Thursday prime time TV charts for the third week in a row.

The romantic drama was the most-watched drama during the week of June 26 and 27 after pulling in an average viewership rating of 16.2 percent, AGB Nielsen Media Research (Nielsen Korea) showed on Friday.

The Lee Bo-young, Lee Jong-suk and Yoon Sang-hyun starrer has been heightening its tension every episode by unfolding its romance and revenge stories elegantly with the support of the three main leads’ skillful depiction.

“The Fugitive of Joseon,” KBS’s period-set action series starring Lee Dong-wook and Song Ji-hyo, finished with average viewership of only 9.2 percent in the same time frame.

Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Ok-vin’s period action “Sword and Flower” [translated title] is slated to hit the airwaves next week as the follow-up to the 20-episode drama wrapping up its less-than-expected performance two-month run.

At the bottom of the chart was Ko Hyun-jung’s MBC series “Queen’s Classsroom,” which registered an average 7.7 percent of total viewers during its third week of airing.

In the meantime, TNmS (Total National Multimedia Statistic) showed the three programs with slightly different figures.

“Voice” seized the top place with an average mark of 16.6 percent, followed by “The Fugitive” and “Queen’s Classroom” both with average ratings of 7.7 percent last week.


The Fugitive of Joseon

The official poster of KBS’s drama “The Fugitive of Joseon.” [KBS]

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