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MBC television program “Impossible?! Possible! The Unlimited Challenge!” members on the “Infinite Challenge” [MBC]

Entertainers Chung Hyeong-don and Jung Jun-ha were both in the hospital this week.

Chung had been in the hospital since last week after getting surgery for a hernia but was discharged today, Chung’s manager told TenAsia over the phone on Friday.

Chung had been seen in pain from the hernia during the June 15 episode of MBC’s Saturday variety show “Impossible?! Possible! The Unlimited Challenge!” one of Korea’s most popular shows hosted by seven celebrities including himself.

Jung, also a host of the show, is currently in the hospital receiving treatment for a ruptured disc in his neck, his manager said. However, he said he does not know for how long he will be hospitalized.

Because two of the show’s hosts were in the hospital and they will need time to recover, a segment showing the remaining members’ visits to their hospitals was filmed yesterday, a producer with the show explained to TenAsia.

Accordingly, it is unlikely that they will be absent from the show because another pre-recorded episode will air tomorrow and the hospital visit will air at a later date, the producer added.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MBC