Scenes from MBC Monday and Tuesday drama "Goddess of Fire" [MBC]

Scenes from MBC Monday and Tuesday drama “Goddess of Fire” [MBC]

MBC Mon/Tue Drama “Goddess of Fire” – Episode 1

In brief>

Kang-chun (Jeon Gwang-ryul) and Eul-dam (Lee Jong-won) compete for the position of official at King Sunjo’s (Jung Bo-suk) porcelain workshop Bun-won. King Sunjo liked Eul-dam’s porcelain but Gong Bin collapses after drinking from it and he gets accused of scheming a revolt. But it was actually a result of Kang-chun and royal concubine Inbin’s (Han Go-eun) plot although there is no way King Sunjo would know this. Therefore, Eul-dam ends up in jail and Yeon-ok, who had secretly loved Eul-dam, gets stabbed while on her way to expose the truth behind the incident. She barely saves her life by making it known that she is pregnant but dies as soon as she gives birth to her daughter Jung (Moon Geun-young, child actress Jin Ji-hee). And Jung, raised by Eul-dam, has her fateful encounter with Gwanghae (Lee Sang-yoon, child actor Roh Young-hak).


The Joseon Dynasty version of Mozart and Salieri’s competition. Mozart, who on top of having talent that would be envied by everyone, had an innocent passion, makes an exit after failing to avoid Salieri’s trap. Then a fateful story starts with the lives they handed down to their children.

“Goddess of Fire” signaled its beginning with a familiar story. Yet the secret to Jung’s birth that only viewers know about, not the show’s characters, is how it differentiates itself from “Jewel in the Palace.” Still, the story will go in a direction that is predictable.

And yet “Goddess of Fire” was worth watching. The confrontation presented by Jeon Gwang-ryul and Lee Jong-won, both strong actors, was one that could not be ignored for its obvious outcome. And the presence of Jung Bo-suk proved that the drama is one to be trusted.

Also, the cute first encounter between child actors Jin Ji-hee and Roh Young-hak had enough chemistry to tickle the hearts of viewers.

And decisively, the show’s typical story was strangely fun. Of course, some forced or unexplained situations existed here and there because it attempted to tell so many stories within the first episode. It will be worth looking forward to seeing why they had to stuff three episodes worth of material into the first episode.

For chitchat>

– Hives are scary. To pass out like that, as if poisoned by someone! Thanks to that (?) Eul-dam’s fate has changed.
– Yeon-ok! Why would you tell Kang-chun that you will expose the truth behind what happened to him while you’re on your way to do so? That’s why you got stabbed and had to leave the show on the first episode. You’re supposed to know your enemy yet not make yourself known to the enemy.
– Jung’s tips on meeting Prince Charming. 1) Dig a hole. 2) When a Prince Charming falls from the sky and into the trap you made, stay haughty. 3) Then when the time is right, say innocent things like, “What have you done to me? I didn’t even run and my heart is beating fast.” And then blush a few times.

Reporter. Bae Sun Young
Translator. Jessica Kim