ZE:A member Hyungsik


Boy band ZE:A members Kwanghee’s arm (left) and Hyungsik’s arm (right). [Hyungsik’s official Twitter]

Boy band ZE:A member Hyungsik has displayed proof of his hard work in his first TV variety show.

Hyungsik, via his official Twitter account Tuesday, posted a picture comparing his tanned arm to that of teammate Kwanghee after working on MBC’s reality show “Real Man.”

“I feel an urgent need of putting some sunscreen this summer… I used to have fair skin like that of Taeheon, the one with fairest skin among our members, but now I’m darker than Kwanghee [who has naturally dark skin]…,” the 21-year-old idol wrote.

Hyungsik, who debuted as vocalist of ZE:A in January 2010, gained awareness and popularity by appearing in “Real Man,” the TV show with a group celebrities experiencing military life, starting early June.

In the meantime, ZE:A is making a comeback to the music scene in August, including member Moon Junyoung, who was forced to halt his activities due to an ankle injury, an official with their agency Star Empire told TenAsia Wednesday.

Reporter. Lee Hye Ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr
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Courtesy of Hyungsik’s official Twitter account