The official logo of the China's talent show "Cpop Star." [SBS]

The official logo of the China’s talent show “Cpop Star.” [SBS]

The Chinese version of SBS’s popular talent show “K-pop Star” has gone viral in China.

SBS said through a press release on Tuesday that Shandong Satellite Television has adapted the format of “Kpop Star” and produced the Chinese version of the talent show which is named “Cpop Star.”

While passing a viewership rating of one percent is considered to be “unreachable highlands” in China, the 11-part show’s premiere garnered a viewership of 1.089 percent on July 4, the channel added.

Out of hundreds of channels available in China, the highest rating that previous shows have marked is 0.8 percent.

“Cpop Star” will show the process of the casting audition as well as the battle audition until a finalist is announced in September.

As “K-pop Star” judges are from Korea’s major entertainment agencies, JYP Entertainment, SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment, the judges of “Cpop Star” are also the top names of Chinese music industry including male singer Dave Wong and female singer Yang Yu Ying.

Meanwhile, the auditions for the “K-pop Star” will take place in Seoul, Busan, Daejeon and Gwangju in Korea from August until September.

The show has nurtured popular K-pop artists including female solo artist Lee Hi, sibling duo Akdong Musician and child singer Bang Yedam.

Reporter. Lee Eun Ah
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of SBS