Kim Junsu

Teaser image to K-pop singer Kim Junsu’s not-yet-unveiled second album. [C-Jes Entertainment]

Boy band JYJ member Kim Junsu may face difficulties to promoting his new album set for release next week.

Major entertainment firm Loen Entertainment had verbally agreed to handle the online and offline distribution of Kim’s second studio album “Incredible” rolling out next Monday but Loen has decided not to promote the album, Kim agency’s C-JeS Entertainment stated through their official website on Tuesday.

“Last night, Loen notified us of terms that completely reverse everything we had agreed on till now… It’s that they will go forward with the online and offline distribution of Junsu’s album but scrap their plans to promote and market it,” C-JeS explained.

Loen had agreed on carrying out a number of promotional and marketing activities for Kim’s upcoming album including holding a showcase on the day of its release for the customers of Korea’s biggest online music streaming service MelOn, showing it live on MelOnTV, and promoting the album on the five major music sites they are set to distribute to.

MelOnTV was supposed to broadcast Kim’s showcase live but C-JeS was notified that it can only go on air live on LoenTV, which has must less exposure than MelOnTV because it is one of the YouTube channels officially owned by MelOn, C-Jes argued.

In response, an official with Loen acknowledged that the two parties have been discussing on the terms of promoting and marketing the album.

However, no decisions have been made as of yet, the official said. “There haven’t been any official conclusions reached regarding the promoting and marketing. It’s early to say that the plans have been scrapped.”

An official with C-JeS told TenAsia, “We’re paying for everything including the cost that goes into producing the showcase so to say that they won’t air it at this point is clearly a violation of the contract we agreed on and they are deceiving his fans as well. They are also abusing us by notifying us of such an issue just six days ahead of the album’s release which means we won’t have enough time to sign a new contract with good terms.”

“We will do our best to secure the rights we deserve by filing a civil complaint with the Fair Trade Commission and Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission,” the official stated.

An industry source said, “Loen will be bearing quite a lot of loss as well from this incident. There’s a good chance that there was outside pressure.”

Reporter. Kwon Seok-jung
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of C-JeS Entertainment