Girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park [YG Entertainment]


Q. A video clip of you guys performing at a club in Mexico in the past was popular in Korea at one point. I think people in South America must like you.

CL: Brazil is actually the country overseas where we have our second largest fanbase. I think they like us because our songs are hot and passionate.


Q. You give off an extreme amount of energy when you perform live. Are there any performances you’ve given recently that are memorable?

Sandara Park (Sandara): PSY’s concert at the World Cup Stadium in Seoul was memorable because there were so many people there. You rarely get to perform in front of so many people. We got so excited that we had as much fun as we could.


Q. Minzy, I remember you singing while running about for that concert.

Gong Minzy (Minzy): The runway was so long that I ran out of breath. But I got excited unknowingly because there were so many people. I received so much energy from them.


Q. What did CEO Yang Hyun-suk say of your new song?

Sandara: He isn’t good at saying sweet things. So he doesn’t express [his emotions] directly but he is always there for us.


Q. 2NE1 always get mentioned alongside YG Entertainment. In a way, maybe this means you’re tied to the image?

CL: That’s not true. Our boss doesn’t force a certain style of us. He rather tries do pull out what’s within us. I think of YG as a crew. Our stylists and every member of the staff are all members of YG. You can’t make an album by yourself. It’s good to have good people by our side.


Q. What do you think of Teddy who’s the most important songwriter at YG?

CL: There are various charms to him. He always listens to a lot of music and more than anything, he’s always trying to improve. He is always looking beyond and forward. More than anything, his music is sincere.


Q. It’s been four years since you’ve debuted so in a way, you’re seniors.

CL: We’re still rookie singers. We still feel like rookies because we were on a close to two-year break. We’re comfortable with doing concerts but still feel uncomfortable with going on television. We haven’t been on a lot of variety shows so far but I think we will this time. We want to be more approachable to fans.



Girl group 2NE1 member Park Bom [YG Entertainment]

Q. Are there any variety shows you want to go on?

CL: I want to go on “Impossible?! Possible! The Unlimited Challenge!” but I’m not confident of being funny. I think it’d be nice to go on a talk show if I were given the chance to.

Minzy: I’m confident with my physical strength. I’d like to go on “Running Man” because I like sports.

Sandara: I’m not good at talking so I’d like to go on a romantic program like “Just Married.” When I get lonely, I tell myself it would be nice to go on those shows.


Q. A lot of idol groups go on “SNL Korea” these days to change their image. Would you consider it too?

Sandara: I think it would be fun. I think I’d do well with skits.


Q. Most members of idol groups pursue acting too. Don’t you want to as well?

CL: I don’t think we’ve had the chance to. Even last year, we were overseas the whole time because we went on tour right after we got done promoting our album. Right now, I just can’t wait to have people listen to our new music.


Q. Well, reality is that idol groups need to pursue acting or go on variety shows to maintain presence in the industry. But your song “Falling in Love” topped music charts even when you don’t usually appear on TV. What do you think is your secret?

CL: I think the only thing I could say is that it’s because our music is good since we haven’t even started promoting the song on TV yet. We were worried that the public might have forgotten about us so we were surprised when we topped music charts.

Sandara: We’re so grateful. I still can’t believe we were in first place. I can’t wait to say hello to fans on stage.


Q. It seems that YG doesn’t make its artists go on variety shows as much as other agencies do. I think YG helps you focus on your music.

CL: That’s right. I like that we can be ourselves yet improve. It’s a place where we can exhibit our creativity.



Girl group 2NE1 member Gong Minzy [YG Entertainment]

Q. Wonder Girls’ member Sun got married recently. Don’t you want to marry too?

Sandara: People who get married around me seem so pretty and happy but marriage isn’t real for me yet because I’m not even dating anyone.


Q. Then you should. I heard you’re allowed to date someone starting last year.

Sandara: Yes but nothing’s happening.


Q. Who do you think will get married the earliest?

(All point to CL)
CL: I think I’d be able to get married right away if I met someone good.

Sandara: I think CL would be able to do a great job of leading both her life as a singer and wife.


Q. Sandara and Bom, how does it feel to be in your thirties (Korean age)?

Sandara: I don’t feel any change. I still feel like I’m 20. I still feel awkward when I receive those questions. And I’m still technically 28.

Bom: I still feel like I’m in high school. I don’t think anything has changed except for the fact that I’m aging.


Q. Sandara, what’s your secret to looking young?

Sandara: Nothing in particular. Maybe just getting along well with younger people?


Q. If you each had to choose a love song of yours that you related to the most, what would it be?

Bom: For me, “Slow.” I actually cried while singing it by thinking of when I was young. The director had asked me to sing it sadly as well but the sad emotions really welled up inside me.

Minzy: I’d like to choose “Falling in Love.” It’s sad that I have to sing this song when I’ve never dated anyone before.

Sandara: There are two songs. “I Don’t Care” is amazing in how well it expresses a woman’s emotions. And the situations such as another woman’s lipstick on the collar of her man’s shirt or hearing a woman’s laughter over the phone are things that could actually happen. I also related to the lyrics of “Lonely.” Feeling lonely even when you have someone.

CL: For me it’s “You and I” and “Lonely.” There are times when you’re with your lover, or even your family, but you’ll feel lonely, right? “Lonely” expresses that emotion so well. And “You and I” seems sad although it’s about being in love.


Q. G-Dragon will come out next month and then Taeyang in September. So you will all be pursuing your activities at the same time. How do you think you’d feel if you all were up for first place on music shows?

CL: We’d be happy whoever gets first place. Because we’re family.

Reporter. Kwon Seok Jung moribe@tenasia.co.kr
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of YG Entertainment