[PHOTO] Roy Kim in the Spotlight

Korean folk singer-songwriter Roy Kim sings during his concert “Love Love Love” in Seoul, Korea on July 14, 2013. [CJ E&M]

Singer-songwriter Roy Kim has denied accusations of plagiarism surrounding his hit debut single “BOM BOM BOM.”

Kim’s promoter CJ E&M released a statement on Tuesday, saying that the young singer did not copy Acoustic Rain’s song “Love is Canon,” responding to fast-growing and heated controversy over the tune released in April.

The statement explained that Kim composed the song with Bae Kyeong-young, while Jung Ji-chan and Kim Sung-yoon co-arranged the song, and that all four had never heard of Acoustic Rain and “Love is Canon” prior to creating the song.

It also said that “BOM BOM BOM” was registered with the Korea Music Copyright Association on April 22 while the ukulele version of “Love is Canon,” the tune being compared to Kim’s tune, was registered on May 15, effectively proving that the two songs are unrelated.

Regarding claims that the beginning to “BOM BOM BOM” is similar to the original version of “Love is Canon,” CJ said it had experts deem there was no plagiarism involved.

This is not the first time the tune has been accused of being a copy of “Love is Canon.” It was first stirred up in May but was overshadowed by claims that Kim plagiarized A-Ha’s “Take On Me” and Korean veteran singer Kim Kwang-seok’s “Where the Wind Blows” (translated title).

Then during his concert in Seoul last Saturday, Roy Kim sang a new self-written song and stated that it was his original tune, addressing previous accusations that it was similar to a song by band Busker Busker member Jang Bum-joon.

This brought light to the topic of Kim and plagiarism and led to the reigniting of the controversy over “BOM BOM BOM.”

Now another one of his tunes are also being accused of plagiarism: a video on YouTube compares Kim’s tune “Passing By” to Singaporean singer Corrinne May’s tune “Beautiful Seed.”

Kim, 20, gained much popularity as the winner of Mnet’s popular talent show “Superstar K 4,” and placed both “Bom Bom Bom” and “Love Love Love,” the latter from his studio release, at top of music charts.

Reporter. Kwon Seok-jung moribe@tenasia.co.kr
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