Korean solo female artist BoA. [SM Entertainment]

Korean solo female artist BoA [SM Entertainment]

Korean solo artist BoA is drawing attention with news of her eyeing an upcoming KBS drama.

An official from her agency SM Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone on Wednesday, “She was offered a role in KBS drama ‘Expect to Date’ (translated title) and now, we are positively looking into it.”

Actor Choi Daniel is also set to star in the drama, currently set to show two pilot episodes, the official added.

Meanwhile, BoA’s U.S.-Korea joint production called “Make Your Move 3D,” formerly called “Cobu,” will be released in Europe in July.

The film, also featuring American ballroom dancer Derek Hough, centers on a man and a woman who fall in love like Romeo and Juliet despite their differences in background.

The film is produced by Duana Adler who also worked on the “Step Up” and “Save the Last Dance” series.

Boa, who debuted in Korea in 2000, released her debut Japanese album “Listen to My Heart” in 2002 while she made a debut in the U.S with the single “Eat You Up” in 2008.

If she takes on the upcoming drama, it will mark her first acting role on the small screen.

Reporter. Bae Seon Yeong sypova@tenasia.co.kr
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Courtesy of SM Entertainment