Choshinsung Yoonhak

K-pop star Choshinsung’s member Yoonhak salutes after being discharged from the military on July 24, 2013 [Maroo Entertainment]

K-pop star Choshinsung’s member Yoonhak was discharged from the military on Wednesday.

The leader of the six-member group wrapped up 21 months of mandatory military service this morning at the Gyeonggi Province, an official with his agency Maroo Entertainment told TenAsia.

Yoonhak gave a few remarks in front of the media after being discharged from the military’s PR unit Defense Media Agency.

He then held a short fan meeting with some 1,500 who had turned up to see his return to being a civilian despite the rain.

He also said to his members, “Thank you for coming to see me being discharged and thank you for doing well though I wasn’t there.”

Meanwhile, Choshinsung is set to release a new single in Japan on August 7 and tour the country from September to October this year.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Maroo Entertainment