K-pop girl group SECRET [TS Entertainment]

Korean girl group SECRET has sung a soundtrack for a popular online computer game.

SECRET sang a song named “GRAVitation” for game TalesWeaver’s third episode “sympathy” (translated title), the girls’ agency TS Entertainment announced through a press release on Friday.

“GRAVitation” contains a strong guitar sound at the beginning and is followed with a dreamy sound.

This third episode has been released seven years after the second episode, and the game is set in a fictional kingdom called Anomarad with the plot based on the Korean novel “Children of the Rune” (translated title).

Girl group f(x) member Luna and trio House Rulez also took part in singing soundtracks for the game.

In the meantime, SECRET has been on a break since wrapping up their activities for their fourth mini-album “Letter from Secret” released in April.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon
Editor. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of TS Entertainment