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ZE:A memeber Siwan [Star Empire]

ZE:A member Siwan has been cast in a romantic drama starring singer-actress BoA and actor Choi Daniel.

Siwan has been cast in KBS’s 2-part pilot episode series tentatively titled “Expect to Date” (translated title), the drama’s promoter Y Tree Media said through a press release on Tuesday.

He will be playing the role of character Jung Jin-guk who represents a typical guy in the early stages of dating in the show aiming for its showing in September.

Siwan was quoted as saying, “It’s an honor to work with a great director and cast… The script is a lot of fun so I’m excitedly getting ready for it.” 

In the drama, BoA will play a girl named Joo Yeon-ae who always dates bad boys, while Choi will take on a boy named Cha Gi-dae, a skilled dating coach who gets to teach dating skills to Joo.

This will be Siwan’s third time acting on the small screen and his first small screen role since Kim Soo-hyun and Han Ga-in’s hit drama “Moon Embracing The Sun” last year.

He also made his big screen debut through short film “Incomplete life: Prequel” in May and is set to appear in another film premiering in November.

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