Lee Byung-hun, Rhee Min-jung

Actress Rhee Min-jung (left) and actor Lee Byung-hun in photographs from their pre-wedding photo shoot. [MSteam]

Actor Lee Byung-hun and actress Rhee Min-jung have revealed photographs from their pre-wedding photo shoot.

Two photos of the beautiful soon-to-wed couple were released through Rhee’s agency MSteam on Tuesday.

The two are said to have done the photo shoot about two weeks ago, with the photos shot by a photographer they are close to, and also had their close acquaintances take part in it.

Lee, 43, and Rhee, 12 years younger than him, will get married at the Grand Hyatt hotel in Seoul on August 10.

They first briefly dated in 2006 but got back together again early last year.

Reporter. Hwang Sung Un jabongdo@tenasia.co.kr
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of MSteam