Singer Wheesung [YMC Entertainment]

Singer Wheesung [YMC Entertainment]

Singer Wheesung has been slapped with military jail time just a week ahead of his discharge.

According to Wheesung’s legal representative Giant Law Firm, the singer has been sentenced to three days in military prison, starting Tuesday, for bringing in and using his mobile phone on military grounds.

The possession and use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited within the military and therefore, Wheesung could have faced harsher punishment.

However, the military disciplinary committee took into consideration the fact that he used his phone while receiving treatment in the Korean Armed Forces Capital Hospital and not the army training center, that he made the calls to talk to personnel that would prove his innocence regarding charges of illegal use of propofol, and due to his record as a hardworking military instructor.

The army prosecution acquitted Wheesung of the propofol abuse charge three weeks ago, for which he had been investigated since May.

Wheesung had injected propofol, a type of anesthetic, a few times but only to relieve pain in the process of curing his herniated lumbar disc and circular balding.

Nonetheless, because one needs to serve as many extra days in the military as he was in military prison, Wheesung, who was set to be discharged from the military on August 6, will now be relieved from his post on August 9.

Wheesung, who entered the military in 2011, has been serving his close to two-year mandatory duty as a military instructor in the South Chungcheong Province.

Reporter. Hwang Sung Un
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of YMC Entertainment