From left, AOA Black members Min-a, Yu-na, You-kyung, Choa, and Jimin. [FNC Entertainment]

From left, AOA Black members Min-a, Yu-na, You-kyung, Choa, and Jimin. [FNC Entertainment]

When all other girl groups were working hard on practicing their dance moves, AOA took things an step further and also buried themselves in playing instruments. So they are an eight-member group but pursue their activities as dance group AOA (excluding drummer You-kyung) and as band unit AOA Black (five members). And with their differentiated concept as both a band and dance group, they have already held showcases in Singapore and Japan with just two single albums less than a year into their debut. Of course, there are those who doubt they are serious with their band activities. So they have made their comeback as their band unit AOA Black, releasing their third single “MOYA” on July 26.




AOA member Jimin [FNC Entertainment]

AOA member Ji-min [FNC Entertainment]

My name is… Ji-min. Real name Shin Ji-min.

Since I was young, I came in contact with various forms of art, music and physical education – from the harmonica, to the classical guitar, to pansori (traditional Korean singing). I even did figure skating. My father’s a fan of band Deulgukhwa so we recently went to their concert together. I’d like our group to be like them and give great performances as a band when we’re old too.

I never imagined I’d become a member of a dance group. And although I learned to dance very late, it’s so much fun. I’m the rapper of our group but I got in [to our agency] by auditioning with singing. I had always liked hip-hop so after practicing to rap, I came to realize I’m more talented at it. Member Cho-a said I have good groove and showmanship. I wrote the rap for our single “MOYA.”

As the leader of AOA, I’m in charge of making the decisions. Whenever we sit down for meals, we have a hard time choosing what to eat because everybody is so considerate of each other. So whenever that happens, I step up and decide on what to eat. When someone is having a hard time, I talk to her and give her a chocolate as well.

I had to get surgery because I got carpal tunnel syndrome. I practiced playing the guitar so much that my wrist couldn’t put up with it. I still receive medicinal treatment for it.

I like Lee Hyori and Brazilian band CSS. Lee Hyori is sexy and cute, but also continues to develop herself as a fashionista and musician. If I become good enough to write my own songs, I’d like to do trendy and fun songs like CSS and Lee Hyori’s. Oh, I also like the British band The Ting Tings.




AOA member Choa [FNC Entertainment]

AOA member Cho-a [FNC Entertainment]

My name is… Cho-a. Real name Park Cho-a.

I appear in musical “High School Musical.” It’s my first time in a musical but I had worked on both my singing and acting since I was a trainee so I’m trying to show the skills that I honed on. And I’m also trying to figure out how I’ll be able to use what I learned from musicals for when I’m on stage for other things. Member Yun-a was in a musical before I was so she taught me a lot of things on how to get along with other people. I’m grateful for it.

I’ve played the guitar for three years now. And because I play an instrument, I understand notes faster when I’m singing. I really want to make a good song someday. I’ve been singing since I was young.

I respect Uhm Jung-hwa. I came to respect her for her performances on stage and acting on the small and big screen. I’d like to show that I’m talented in every way as well. I can’t even imagine how happy I’d be if I could move people’s hearts with music. I’d like to be able to touch people’s hearts by singing with just a guitar like Rachel Yamagata.

I’m considered the mother of our group. At home, I cook for everyone. I once made Vietnamese rolls and Ji-min was moved because it was her first time having it. I made a huge amount of Vietnamese rolls at the time but they finished everything.

When people think of AOA, I want them to think: ‘They’re crazy. Everyone is so good.’ I want people to break the prejudice they have of girl groups and girl bands, and also show them both our talent and sincerity to become all-around entertainers.

Reporter, Editor. Park Su Jeong
Translator. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of FNC Entertainment